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  2. LukeSavenije

    PSU for a gaming rig

    sounds like this
  3. MayCris

    Games have became boring lately

    Its more like the missions and stuff that they put you through. I played FarCry 5 and the Story is just more of the same, crazy people taking over some territory and you have to clear the area. The character you play as is like a nobody, like you dont know who that guy is or what he wants. The evil people can be pretty interesting at times but theres not much else. Characters around the world theyre like help me out with this, do that and most of the time is you doing the same thing over and over and over again until you say okay i think im done. Rage 2 seemed the same to me too. Other games like Call Of Duty scratched the singler player completely for Battle Royale? Like what? Where did the cool badass stories went? Like take for example The Last of Us, Why is that game so good? Story, good relatable characters. Or DOOM as you say, you know who you are playing at, you know why you are doing the stuff you are doing (killing and killing). Half Life 2 you are Gordon Freeman a badass scientist, the character doesnt even need to talk to tell you who he is. We need more of that. Idk its just how i see it.
  4. I actually have the Mate 20X and I love it. But if things get really screwed up big time for me, Oppo Reno it is I think. But damn it, VS can simply fuck it up for everyone around the world. How much power do they have?? It makes EU their biggest bitch
  5. LukeSavenije

    PSU for a gaming rig

    had to check... it seems to be a double forward on the primary side... so it could start whining under higher loads... it's nothing dangerous, just annoying
  6. Yeah I was thinking of getting a system built around one of these. But It would be cool if such a CPU was on something like x299.
  7. Overclocking my R7 1700 on my B450 board, and as a newb to overclocking Im VERY happy so far with the results. 


    Stock voltages 3.7ghz all core no problem boots right up, Prime95 30 minutes no problem (have to run AIO at 100% fan speed, keeps temps right in the high 50c)


    1.375vCore and 1.218 SOC 4.0ghz boots right up, need to reapply thermal paste (ran out when I put this build together and used a TINY bit of the kryonaut I had left...it works but got more on order now) as it crashes due to heat during stress testing.  I just tossed those numbers in - very please, hoping I have a golden sample here.


    May do a full custom loop on this bad boy as well. 



  8. Dr. Historic Low

    FREE Games of the Day #27 May 20th, 2019

    Game #1 Project Katharsis is a FREE game released to Steam TODAY, May 20th, 2019. Be one of the first to submit a review. It's a love child of an RTS, survival adventure game. You play as an emergency AI protecting a group of survivors on an alien planet. Game #2 Neon Boost is a FREE game ALSO released to Steam TODAY, May 20th, 2019. Be one of the first to submit a review. It's a frenetic first person platformer based on mechanics like Rocket-Jump or Wall-Run. Run across different worlds to get the best times. Game #3 Racing Classics Drag Race Sim is a FREE Early Access game ALSO released to Steam TODAY, May 20th, 2019. Looks like one of those drag race mobile games that you view from the side only with PC graphics. Bonus Game #4 Magika Land of Fantasy is a FREE Early Access game released to Steam 13 MONTHS AGO, April 5th, 2018 and has 96 Mostly Positive reviews. It's an indie adventure game that I've been following for quite sometime now. I noticed that it got an update YESTERDAY, May 19th, 2019. Hopefully it's more improved because it has a lot of potential. Looks like the update lets you tweak the graphics options(finally).
  9. FsyNorth

    PSU for a gaming rig

    What whining exactly is??
  10. Radium_Angel

    Moderators on the forum

    Live it up, for you only live once, and if it works, you'll have fantastic memories. Never pass up a chance to experience something new. The cruelest words in the english language are "what might have been" (voice of experience here)
  11. Very true. but blocking the IMEI from an app most likely is not illegal in most places. And if the services do not work with a blocked IMEI how would a tablet work with the google play store and what not? Wouldn't unlocking and installing custom roms void the warranty in the first place? Not that I think most people who do this would care. And wile hacking the boot loader is hard and not a task most could do there are people out there that can do this and once its hacked the codes could likely become leaked.
  12. lordoftime79

    DVD dual boot - or at least I hope so

    try this?
  13. Derkoli

    Razer Nommo Chroma Hissing?

    I agree that razer should stick to keyboards and mice.. even the chroma pro for 500 pounds you can get awesome speakers for 500 from swan or polk or even dali.
  14. 1814216074_ScreenShot2019-05-20at8_13_36AM.png.7d3b69f45e1cf08e0815ab41db58b5ff.png

    I turned my head away for two hours and this is more notifications than a five-day trip to Hawaii

  15. NinJake

    Issue with old ram stick

    What are the speeds of each stick? Were you running both before? Is this a 1x8gb vs a 2x4gb?
  16. Well, then the services might just not work. Spoofing your IMEI is illegal in most countries. Surely possible but that will most likely a) void the warranty and b) require getting software/codes from 3rd parties who hacked the bootloader. This is not an easy task for the common user.
  17. Hi guys. I hate to make this my first post here, but I could really use some help. I have a Panasonic TC-49FX500 smart tv. It's a good TV, and although the software sucks big time, it does the job, you know? It was cheap enough. Last Saturday, I turn on my TV and open the YouTube app and see this error message: Nothing more. On a white screen. Contacting Panasonic did not help. They want me to have the TV in to service it. All other apps that require internet work just fine. Set TV to factory defaults and nothing I did a bit of research and found that it's most likely the firmware, however it's on the latest version and even if I wanted to download it, put it in a USB drive and reinstall it, Panasonic does not provide it for download. I'd really appreciate if anyone here can shed some light on this. Thanks, guys.
  18. I was covering a range of studies, including Ferguson/Malouff, Lisak, Burman/Lovett/Kelly and the UK Ministry of Justice. It varies, but the typical rate hovers in that region. And I think we should focus on figures where the claims are demonstrably false, since cases can easily fall apart for reasons other than lying (they might be years old, the victim could be pressured into dropping the case, and so on). Remember, #MeToo was spurred by women addressing ages-old behavior that they can't necessarily prove in court, but likely happened based on the sheer number of consistent stories. Besides, while there's a chance the actual figure is higher, it's unlikely to change the core argument: that the clear majority of sexual assault allegations are sincere, and it's better to offer a degree of trust (with verification) than to be immediately skeptical. The perpetrators of sexual assault depend on us exaggerating worries about false accusations; let's not give them what they want.
  19. Oalei

    Ryzen 2600 overclock on stock cooler?

    I would try to get the Max Spire or whatever it is that comes with 7 2700X with rgb bling and stuff, usually not that expensive.
  20. Cholax

    Trying to choose a Power Supply

    Ok thanks! So i guess i will go for the MWE Gold 550W. Last questions: Is the MWE Gold better than the CX550? I guess it is because that's what written in the tier list. But you mentioned the two of them in your first reply so it made me want to confirm my decision. And the Focus Gold Plus is put as Tier A but you recommended the CX550M before it. Do you know where can i find a good review on it? I didnt find one in jonnyGURU. Thanks again!
  21. fair point, GPUs don't need PCIe 4.0 much unless we want to use it at x8 so we have mroe lanes for other GPUs and/or NVME drives. PCIe 4.0 x4 Drives are expected to be at computex, with speeds 5000MBpes +
  22. B.Toast

    USB over Ethernet

    So, a bit of an odd inquiry, but an important one for what I do. I need to be able to run a mouse and keyboard over ethernet to control my PC. Think of it as a sort of reverse-kvm situation. Instead of using one mouse and keyboard to control several computers, I need multiple mice and keyboards to control one computer from various locations. 1) Can it be done? 2) How.
  23. Yes I know that, it's mentioned in the quotes. That's why it was important to point out that it does not feature PCIe 4.0, I don't mean by me I mean the reviewers who all got official information packs from AMD which either would have contained that information or they would have asked. To certify a card as PCIe 4.0 probably costs a decent amount more than PCIe 3.0 and if there is no reason to do it then just don't. Edit: Plus it's not just AMD that has to certify it, through reference board designs, each AIB would have to. It's rather likely most of them are not geared up for PCIe 4.0 yet.
  24. Oalei

    PSU for a gaming rig

    Will you change it in a sense if you upgrade to zen 2? I don't really Like a loud PSU tbh, but you get what you paid for in the end. Well I'm looking forward for my U9 to whine.
  25. Ardu

    g502 hero is worth it ?

    Looking at the mouse you had previously, I'd just get the HERO, it's just the newer version of the Proteus Spectrum and it's cheaper. And their model is pretty similar to what you had already, so it won't take you as long to adjust to it.
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