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  1. Hi this is the first time making a computer. I'm looking to make a decent gaming computer but I'm not sure if I'm using the appropriate parts
    My price range is around $600-800; price is the highest priority. My uses include web browsing, watching shows, and light gaming




    This is what I have so far . Please comment your suggestions

  2. Hello.


    I have just purchased a Corsair K30 Raptor edition (at least that's what I think it's called) keyboard in a sale at a local store. Although I had my heart set on a K90, my budget is tight and I would have rather put my money in areas concerning my actual machine as opposed to the peripherals. I'm well aware that the K30 only has the red backlighting and if I wanted RGB-esque customization I should have shelled out an extra £10 for the K40, however they were all out of stock when I got there and the deal on the K30 was just too good.


    I was wondering if there are anyways of my changing any lighting animations that can be seen across other Corsair keyboards. The software allows me to only change the brightness and use the one pulsing led effect so I was really looking for some third party software that would do the trick.


    Thank you



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    Hi I need help building my PC i currently have a Sony VAIO VCG-RA830G Desktop PC which my aunt gave to me. I plan to ether choose a Pentium g3258 as a temporary and get the GPU I want the GTX 960 (http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GQTpXL) . Or get the Cpu I want the I5 4690
    K and get a temporary GPU the GTX 750TI (http://pcpartpicker.com/p/pr92XL). Please help me decide. :D

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    So i bought components for a pc build and when i came to check them i found that i had a problem it had no video output and was making no beeps because i dont have a speaker to test with plz help

  3. Hello everyone


    Can i get some feedback on my build, anything you woud change or replace?





  4. This is my newest blog entry based on current events at home.


    I'm sitting at the laptop typing this up while I've got thoughts running rampant through my head, thinking about both my workstation/gaming rig and also my mother's rig which she has now. What I'm tired of is hearing both her and my brother bitching and whining about their problems, which made me want to tell them to shut up and keep your thoughts to yourselves. Also my mom, again, has this assumption that no one in this world needs more than 2GB of VRAM for their graphics cards. Well gee, maybe if she played one of today's games and not EverQuest all the time, which is the only game I've seen her play as of now. To each their own I guess, but that doesn't justify her stating that because clearly she's wrong; ARMA 3 can use up more than 1.5GB of VRAM on the graphics side, even though ARMA 3 is a CPU-bound game. Crysis 1 is heavy-handed on the GPU, and TERA is also heavy on the GPU. I intend to get the GTX 980 to meet my needs for both 1440p gaming as my entry into that realm and primarily for my 3D animation projects. The way I make my 3D scenes makes things very demanding on the system and budget systems is out of the question. They're fine with budget systems. I have expectations to meet and I will do anything to meet those expectations.


    Also I am a PC enthusiast and that's true. I have already admitted that and I feel like I'm being attacked by these misconceptions because clearly she's not in the same boat as I am with me playing AAA games while running them as high as I can and creating high-quality 3D scenes in 3ds Max which ends up with render times numbering in the hours, possibly even days for the render to complete. Not acceptable on my standards. Photoshop will use up as much RAM as you tell it to, Premier, 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and some others will use up as much CPU as it can. Trust me I've used really slow systems to do 3D work in Cinema 4D on an iMac, and that sucks ass. Render times numbered in the weeks, and I will never relive that past, EVER again!!!


    So who's right and who's wrong with these arguments?


    If you're wondering what system I use at the college and the one I plan on building for myself, here are the links.


    PCPartPicker link for my personal system: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/m6n2XL


    PCPartPicker link for my college's systems: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/kxWrZL

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    Im finally gonna do a build log!


    (not everything is in the picture)
    (sorry for low quality picture, but I'm too lazy too0 not use my phones :S)

    • CPU

      Intel i5-4690

    • Motherboard

      Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 LGA 1150

    • RAM

      Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB Kit (4GBx2)

    • GPU

      GTX 960 Overclocked 4GB Windforce

    • Case

      Senty Gs-6008 Plus Stealth

    • Storage

      WD Black 1tb HDD + SanDisk SSD 250GB

    • PSU

      Senty 750w 80 Plus Bronze

    • Display(s)

      x2 Acer G226HQL 21.5-inch HD Widescreens

    • Cooling

      Corsair Hydro Series H60

    • Keyboard

      Logitech G105 920-003371

    • Mouse

      Etekcity Scroll T-142

    • Sound

      Turtle Beach X12

    • Operating System

      Windows 8.1






    Starwars: The Force Awakens is not the letdown I expected when it was first announced, it managed to live up to its hype without exceeding it and it is truly an awesome movie.
    I loved the Millennium Falcon returned, and how it was “inherited” by Rai, who I think truly is one of the best hero’s that the starwars universe will ever see. By the end of the movie Rai has complete confidence in the few “Jedi” abilities she has learned and has “opened” herself to the force while kind of keeping her characters innocents. Fin is a pretty simple character, but I do wonder what makes him different from the other conditioned storm troopers, all I can really say about his character is that he has balls, and ultimately knows to do what’s right like solo has done in the previous movies. Kylo Ren is an interesting character and seems to be struggling to stay on the dark side, the exact opposite of most Jedi. In all, solo’s death was necessary in order to kind of take focus off the previous characters, the Millennium Falcon is in good hands with Rai and Chewy (though why is he continuing with her when he was honoring a life debt to solo?) Kylo Ren has a lot more character development needed, BB-8 is the cutest robot I have ever seen (why does he purr?) c3po is still annoying, r2d2 is still awesome and Luke is running from his problems like the last Jedi did after the clone wars. And this movie is a good addition to the series. 8.5/10

  6. Good day,
    Could you provide any information on how to stream Xbox1/PS4 games to any stream capable device outside of the PC or maybe even use my PC to stream a Xbox one game to play on my shield tablet without having to purchase and extras. Or are the extras needed? There are videos on YouTube on this that are from 2013(years old). Is there a newer more efficient way to stream console games to a stream friendly device? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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    Do you ever feel empty?
    Like you've missed a big chunk of your life?
    Lost something? Or Possibly someone?


    Everyone has felt that sometime in their life... Unlike my Unfinished Pieces this is a little bit personal. Rather than laid back reading drafts of stories that never got completed, this is a developing one on its own, not that laid back and not that tense.


    I had a friend back in Elementary School, we were practically best friends for 5 years, happy go lucky friends as we were young, the world seemed so big to us, there werent anything tragic back then. We didnt understood 9/11, or Y2K, we barely knew what politic means. But as far as i can remember i had another best friend.
    We used to call ourselves The Three Amigos, we had this one eccentric member in our Trio, he was always the cheery one with crazy but smart ideas, we also had this member who is somewhat gloomy but not too sad, he was the most maturest of our group.
    The Third, Mature one was always get along with all layers of society.
    The Second, Eccentric one was picky, he judges everyone and only hangs out with the lowest layer of society, what we call Nerds and Socially Isolated one, hes always trying to make them Happy.


    Time goes on and we had happy times all 6 years of our elementary school. Eventually its time to separate, Graduation is upon us and eventually our skills separated us, Im the forever happy go lucky and didnt care about a single thing in the world unless it cheers me up, Third One was somewhat Smart but nothing compared to the Second One, The Eccentric One. The Second one was studying hard, every time I try to go out with him for some fun in the arcade hes studying in his home taught by an expensive home teacher. Third One? He goes to cram school.


    I was aiming for the highest rated Junior High in the province, but i saw my grades and then i plummet down to a Private School filled with Kids who didnt make it to Government Schools, just like me. They both go to the same Private Schools of the same Foundation that my Elementary was found in so they had alot of colleagues there, while i was thrown in an 3 year jail sentence with unknown cellmates.
    Life was different there. I realized this is what its like to live on the other side of the glass, all this time in rich kids elementary and i get thrown down here in the slums jail. So i didnt really pay attention to the lessons like the happy go lucky I am but what i did pay attention to is the Social Hierarchy in this kind of school. Everything seemed different, from rich to poor existed, and how we got along was also a unique experience for me. Eventually i learned about all the bad things in this world and avoided it, i wondered how the other guys was doing.


    Before i knew it, the Second One, while we was playing some Minecraft, accused me of stealing some of his items and breaking into his house, which was not my fault he built his under mine. Anyways in the mist of Rage i blurted out that i would hack this server and kill everyone in it, ending with a maniacal laugh, not amused the server owner came by and asked me why, i didnt answer and he throws me back to my house, sighing. Other colleagues from my elementary gathered in front of my house with Flint and Steel, they were razing my wood tower, calling me names and stuff. The Second One.. can be.. persuasive, where he would create a group, everyone would join! If i created the same group nobody would join. So my Social Thread run on his Needle-y End. I havent earned my manliness and i admit i kinda cried at that time, my friends turned their back after that because the Second One told them so. I even lost contact with The Third. Oh well time moves on.


    Forgetting them and Replaced Them was the thing to do. After 3 years in the "Was A Slum Jail" It turned out to be my kind of group. My Slum Jail became a Slum Heaven, though the students are 80% less than my elementary less means closer.


    I went to the same High School Institution as my Junior High was founded on. Met a couple Junior High Slum Jailmates, i was glad i have someone i know. But it didnt stop me from communicating with others. I met The Third One, it was 3 years apart and reunion in that moment. I was glad but he was in a different class than me so communicating was hard. I tried to talk to him but every time i did, he grows more distant. Not the Third One i knew 3 years ago... A whole lot of change there, trust me it wasnt Just Puberty, Its like he went 3 years of social brainwash. Junior High could be the pinnacle of change of our youth, i learned more about society and so did Third One. He got along with a bad group in High School. Im worried but i cant do nothing since 3 years apart demoted from Lifetime Best Friends to Distant Acquaintance. He... Started smoking... I hate people who smoke, both of my parents smoke and im not proud of it. It Kills man... If its drinking its cool but i have zero tolerance on smoking. He hung out with the wrong crowd and it already seemed impossible to pull him back to my crowd


    In the span of a month it felt like i lost the Third One i knew 3 years ago.. The one i knew 5 year long. He started doing rebellious things, hanging out with bad crowds. I was more in the Lower Layer again, didnt event tried to climb the stairs of Social. I do things differently than The Third One now... unlike in Elementary no matter what grades we would always hang out together after school, it became different. He started speeding with motorcycle, and smoking, im worried it might led to... Drugs... But i shrugged it off, even though the weight i carried for three years was sticky, i managed to pry it off and somehow..... I feel empty now... Like life is different without the heavy weight i carried. Oh well... No point in turning back and going to the same school as they did right? If i did go to the same Junior High they did, i wouldnt learn all the bad things in life and how to avoid them! I would not met the most beautiful girl of my life! I wouldn't meet quirky strange unique but great friends along the people.


    I havent contacted the Second One since the Razing of my Wooden Tower, and he ran a black campaign for me back in junior high, third one said.


    Sometimes... Going different paths is the right thing to do.
    Venture to the unknown.

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    Can i connect my anti-static wrist strap to my radiator? if so what bit? if not what can i connect it to ? btw i dont have a power supply to connect it to in the wall



    The sun shine throughout the hangar as the blast door opens, bathing the Mech’s and their Pilots in orange tint of sunset. One by one the Mech’s flew out of the hangar with their rear thrusters at max speeds, I watched in excitement on a hill near my house. The Military Hangar was just a few kilometers away from my house, my dad was a hired Mechanic, we were provided with daily meals, a house, and work. When I reach maturity I also have to do service for the country becoming either Mech Pilot or Mechanic, Mech Pilots are decided by their skill controlling the Mech and Combat, if you fail, you get sent to be a Mechanic.
    Today I get a weeklong of holiday in my school because the 9th graders are doing their Mech Pilots early tests to show how much potential they have to be a Mech Pilot then tested back at High School to determine if you really fit for the role of a Pilot.
    Watching the Mech took off just amazes me, I could literally sit hours in the hill watching the Mech Pilot Training Center. Across the Training Center is the Research Center which is off limits from the rest of the Camp, our Camp is located on the Seaside of New Arc, called The Arc. The Arc Seaside was once destroyed by a Terrorist group that disliked the New Government.
    As we enter the Space Age, everything became different; many countries were developing rockets to travel to other sides of the Galaxy, few centuries later they have developed Fracture-VI, a Rocket that can reach 2 times the speed of light with a new rechargeable fuel, the cost of making the fuels are expensive and dangerous, this fuel is called Fractals, which is Coals turned liquid through a high expense process of turning bio-science HiCo-F (Highly Combustible Fuel) to these Fractals. The process was unknown to the people but none complained.
    Fracture-VI was launched in 3021, and reached Mars in a matter of minutes; they’ve started Terraforming Mars, and expected to be Habitable in 3030.
    Not long after the 3028 Earth Revolution, some Regions were united and caused a great war that lasted for a year, devastating most of Europe and North America. Regions were united under the name of United Asia Military, Great Europe Kingdom, and Western Naval.
    Currently the United Asia Military holds the most power over Earth as its Region had the least damage from the Nuclear War, the Nuclear radiation also melts the Antarctica by 30% causing small islands to sink, North America was mostly sunk and Western Naval begun to develop Naval Technology, whilst Europe has Nuclear Winter that reached almost all of Europe and has a short day, so they began Thermal Research, as for Asia they’ve begun Space Research and now the Leading space researcher.
    Even after the War, Australia remained neutral and unscathed, Australia begun taking in refugees as soon as the Nuclear drops subsided and now the most populated region in Earth and remained neutral to all United Regions of Earth.





    It’s almost my 18th Birthday, and almost the High School Mech Pilot Tests, my friends and family congratulated me “Congratulations Kaito!” as every one of my friends shouted in my Dorm Room “Thanks guys, you shouldn’t have!”, the cake was the shape of a Mech and the writing ‘Good Luck’ I couldn’t have asked for more. The night was filled with Me, Lay, and Fredrick playing cards as I'm mostly anti-social in school. Lay was a childhood friend of mine, Fredrick was a Western Naval High transfer student, and he had a hard time fitting in.
    After the night ended Fredrick said goodbye and return to his dorm room next to my room, Lay had to cross the University Park though because Lay lives in the Girl Dormitories and its almost curfew
    “Lay why don’t you stay awhile?

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    On my 11th birthday in May 14th, 2012 I received my first computer. That was probably one of my most exciting experiences because prior to this I was using a shared family laptop with terrible specs.The family laptop was a Toshiba with 4 gigabytes of ram and a 500 gigabyte hard drive which wasn't too bad but the processor was an older model Intel Pentium which combined with the other parts caused the windows experience index score to be a 2 or 3. The laptop I was gifted was an HP pavilion g7 with 6 gigabytes of ram and a 500 gigabyte hard drive with an AMD A8-4500M APU. Receiving the computer is what sparked my interest in computers and the reason why I repair and build systems today although I am only 14. Both then and today I am not rich so I would build an amazing gaming rig if I had the money however since I'm 14 I only get money from doing chores ever so often and mowing lawns so most of my builds are budget gaming rigs for 300 dollars or less that can run games like skyrim at 60fps at max settings but games like fallout 4 at 30-40fps at minimal settings. I still have my first laptop and will use it from time to time however it has been mainly replaced by the laptop I am using now which will be featured in another entry. I hope you have enjoyed learning about my first computer and I encourage that you follow me on social media with twitter and instagram being @ultraretrotech and facebook being the ultraretrotech facebook page, my youtube channel features both gaming and computer content both new and old.

  8. blog-0691779001449344123.jpg

    A new entry, been some time... lot of changes in my life. Most of you have probably noticed my activity on the Forum has dropped off a lot over the past while. Not nearly as involved in the Folding section as I want to be. I really need to thank @tobben and @Imakuni for all their help in supporting the folding team and users on the forum.


    This past fall my wife and I separated. It was something coming for a long time. I am doing much better now. But of course had to scramble, lot of changes and my life has been pretty busy sorting all that out.


    I now have my own place and getting settled in, adjusting to the new normal. :)


    Starting all the folding systems back up, and helps I don't pay for power now. Right now I have 5 GPU's folding away. I would like to get more, I have tons of spare parts, just no spare GPU's. If anyone wants to make a GPU donation, I will accept. :D All Titan cards welcome. lol


    Have also spent time consolidating a lot of systems as room is a premium now. Ungraded my unRaid server to the latest version and have taken advantage of Dockers and VM functionality. With 3 Dockers and 2 VM's running I was able to eliminate 6 systems I had going and make better use of the unRaid hardware, so a win-win situation.


    Looking forward to getting more Folding going and living life. :)


    The unRaid server was upgraded with a MSI Xpower motherboard, a 4790K and 16GB of ram to handle all the load. Also swapped out the Antec 1200 case as it didn't support XL-ATX and got myself a CM Storm Stryker. Must say, very nice case.

    Then I upgraded my main rig with the new Thermaltake Core X2 and a bunch more radiator space to handle both 780's folding full time and not need to run the fans at a god awful speed.


    Need to swap one of the GPU folding systems into a new case today with better airflow, cards are overheating.


    Well, that's all for now kiddies... Happy Whaling!

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    Hey guys! I am new here and want some help building my new "Skylake" based pc, the parts I picked are listed below;
    Asus Maximus Viii Hero
    Core i7-6700k
    Corsair vengeance LPX 16GB CL16 OR dominator platinum 16Gb CL 15
    Corsair RMi 750W PSU
    Samsung 850 EVO 250gb SSD
    WD 4TB Black HDD
    Corsair 760T Graphite Full Tower Case


    Now I have a couple of questions that I need help with ;
    *Should I go for i7 or 6600k be enough for me(Gaming and programming)
    *Which RAM should I go with as TBH I see no difference besides aesthetics
    *980 SLI or 980TI


    Help a poor confused gamer lol ;)

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    2016 Honda Ridgeline Concept truck is a work in progress and it is required to accompany new redesign contrasted with the current model with enough of high and new systems. The mini-size trucks are not in demand and this is the reason the organization is currently focusing on producing a little truck that can fulfill this business sector. This truck is required to have a few gimmicks implied for the cutting edge cars.


    2016 Honda Ridgeline Concept truck will have a new exterior with a lighter body while it will be looking as mini-size truck. The interior of the vehicle will offer comfort to both the driver and the passenger. The new car will have additionally other enhanced peculiarities like the dashboard, guards and new headlights. The width and the stature are additionally anticipated that will change later on. New Ridgeline will have the most recent gimmicks which will make driving of this truck to be the best experience. The innovation of the security framework is required to be found with the new model like Hi-Fi framework in the form of the brisk navigation or other functions that are connected. It will likewise offer all the newest wellbeing peculiarities for clients.


    See Details >>> 2016 Honda Ridgeline Concept

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    Does an AC router increase speeds delivered to AC wifi devices? My connection is maxed out at 85 mbps (with ISP's N cable/router combo), I was wondering will upgrading to an AC router help my current speeds?

  9. Seriously game devs, it's not that hard. Get with the times.


    This would be part of the main class

    std::vector<VisualObject> movableObjects;//initialize everything, set starting coordinates and directions//other prep work//FUNCTIONSvoid update(float updateTimeMillis) {    //move view point, make decisions on color changes, texture loading, etc.    ...    //check for collisions in parallel, using in-lined function calls (no stack frame created)    //and loop-unrolling to make explicit use of branching AVX 256    //assume there is a mutex or semaphore to lock an object for analysis/deletion and a smart    //function to skip if locked and come back built into the calls to inline function     //collisionUpdate    #pragma omp parallel for    for(int i = movableObjects.size()-1; i >= 0; i -= 8) {        movableObjects[i].collisionUpdate(); //will run each type of object's unique function        movableObjects[i-1].collisionUpdate();        ...        movableObjects[i-7].collisionUpdate();    }    //collided objects now destroyed or had states updated to change physical effects routines,    //update all vertices of all objects in parallel,    //ensure dummies exist if not in multiples of 8 to take advantage of AVX 256 in loop unrolling    #pragma omp parallel for    for(int i = movableObjects.size()-1; i >= 0; i -= 8) {         movableObjects[i].update(updateTimeMillis);        movableObjects[i-1].update(updateTimeMillis);        ...        movableObjects[i-7].update(updateTimeMillis);    }        VisualObject.draw(); //draw the scene and all objects in it.}  


    And this would be the chief graphics object from which near every other graphics object should inherit from.


    public class VisualObject {    VisualObject* parent = null;    vector<VisualObject> children;    int omp_max_thread_count = omp_get_max_threads();    //if quad I5, will get 4, if quad I7, will get 8    void VisualObject::addChild(const VisualObject &v) {        v.setParent(this);        children.push_back(v);    }    void VisualObject::draw() {        //draw children in parallel using dynamic scheduling in case some objects         //have complex functions that take far longer than others, auto scaling with core count        #pragma parallel for schedule(dynamic)        for(int i = 0; i < children.size(); i += 8) {            children[i].draw();            children[i+1].draw();            ...            children[i+7].draw();        }    }    struct {        bool operator()(VisualObject v1, VisualObject v2)        {               return v1.complexity() < v2.complexity();        }       } VOComparator;    //Sort Visual Objects by draw complexity into equal-sized buckets for the draw() function     //to handle, most expensive draws first per thread.    void VisualObject::loadBalance() {        //If on GCC/Clang/ICC, compile with -fopenmp and -D_GLIBCXX_PARALLEL to get parallel sort        std::sort(children.begin(), children.end(), VOComparator);        int chunkSize = children.size()/omp_max_thread_count;        vector<VisualObject> sortedSet(children.size());        #pragma parallel for        for(int i = 0; i < omp_max_thread_count; i++){            //There is room for loop unrolling as long as you check to insure your unroll length is no larger than             //chunkSize and you either have dummies to fill the empty space or a cleanup function for the remainder under a given chunkSize            for(int j = 0; j < chunkSize; j++){                sortedSet[i * chunkSize + j] = children[j*omp_max_thread_count + i];            }        }        children = sortedSet;    } //end loadBalance}; //end VisualObject class 


    There, 80+% of your CPU-side optimization done for you. Quit your belly aching, start over, and do it right this time. There's no excuse when it's this easy.

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    So, i'm building a PC and i need guidance on parts, I've built a PC before but this one is a bit more Shazam! The main problem I'm having, is the cooler, I'm planing to water cool (only the CPU) but struggling on the type of cooler needed, the CPU is am


    Intel Core i7-4790K LGA 1150
    And the coolers I'm picking between are the following:


    Cooler Master Nepton 240M
    And I'm fitting that into a NZXT H440, If there is any problem you can see with this, Please let me know

  10. knifeparty_triggerwarning.jpg


    Tomorrow, Friday the 20th, Knife Party will be releasing their new EP, Trigger Warning.


    Returning with the style of not-giving-a-fuck house and text-to-speech-step, this EP is sounding promising. Check out the tracks at Soundcloud.


    PLUR Police
    Parliament Funk
    PLUR Police (Jauz Remix)

  11. I'm wanting to build a gaming rig, can yall help me with parts??

  12. Hello guys,
    I have an old pc and i want to upgrade it.The PC is a intel core 2 quad cpu q6600,7gb of ram ddr2,210 grachics card.Most games i play are League of legends,Counter Strike Global Offensive,Assasins Creed IV and III.I have a budget of 400 euros to upgrade motherboard,cpu,ram and graphics card.If its possible the voltage be around 500 watt so i dont have to buy a new psu to

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    Hi, I'm trying to decide on what graphics card step would be best. Between the GTX 970 and the R9 390. I could also consider GTX970's in SLI. Im new to this sort of thing and don't know the ups and down to SLI. I just want to run games at 1080p and maybe higher res in the near future (1440p). Any suggestions?

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    So, I'm looking to upgrade my PC and I'd like some help/advice


    I'm happy with the performance of it, and I wanna make it quieter. The main problem is that my current case only seems to have space for one fan, so I will probably get a new one along with a couple of low rotation fans which I hope will make it super quiet (it's not super noisy, but I don't like the background noise it makes)


    I'm not doing any overclocking


    Any help, advice and product recommendations are appreciated

  13. So guys I was wanting to hear some ideas from you on some good future software.


    I was thinking...


    Handwriting fonts. (Fonts based off of your handwriting.)


    Built in security programs


    An OS dedicated to security


    An art program using measured shapes to make images. (Measurement shape creator or something)


    A variety of games.