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    Advisory: I have no credibility nor full knowledge of what's behind the scenes in the full spectrum scale. Yet I see so many issues that are not/ only now are being addressed at all.

    CS:GO - (This will be my main focus, I plan on properly writing an essay/article about my thoughts but since I have never done anything like this and I am too ignorant to learn on my own, I am hoping for your constructive input.)

    As it has been highly discussed, these bans issued to the iBuyPower players seem rather unfair. Not for what they did but because there were no countermeasures at the time of the event. And when it started getting exposed Valve took a hammer and put them down to create an example to the rest of the players, instead of properly addressing it in a collective manner, leaving them blinded for a year with no hopes of getting their careers back.

    This is a two sided story as it creates controversy regarding their actions named stealing, robbing and essentially committing legal crimes. Although I cannot dispute these statements I can say that Valve had no right to ban them simply for the greater good of the future of competitive CS if not eSports as a whole. They should have been punished themselves as they did not think this could happen, or if they did they simply chose to ignore it. Valve should have contacted some sort of legal advisor to set ground rules on match fixing. Even though it is obvious it is bannable, it wasn’t stated in the rules of the tournament they were involved in.


    eSports in general using the CS scene -

    But enough of match-fixing scandals, on the something more productive. I have really enjoyed watching D!ngIT Weekly Cups with $200 up for grabs by tier 2-3 teams as well as Acer Predator Masters, Uprise Champions and Operation Kinguin. These are some of the events that deserve to be watched regularly by us and that should be the main focus. Instead of the exhaustive top tier teams constantly fighting in, more than too often honestly, tourneys that become less and less interesting as the amount increases. Leaving the teams with not enough time to practice as much and us getting tired and losing that special interest we had in watching our favourite team fight for that special spotlight.

    With this last rather confusing paragraph, what I’m trying to get across is that there is very little exposure for the smaller teams and even the tier 2. After a decade in eSports, each major game (LoL, SC2 and CS:GO) should be able to support each team monetarily not in prizes but in sponsors. The top tier teams shouldn’t have to compete for $5000 dollars every other week to be able to generate enough revenue to have a house and food after retiring. eSports only become a feasible option when you are able to retire and either find another job on the area that you have studied for while you were doing it part-time, or if you fully committed you must have enough money to walk it off for at least a couple of years after.


    Conclusion -


    These issues are a rather painful thing to sort out but it would be an ideal reality. There are sponsors and investors willing to put money down for this, mainly because there are numbers to back these ideas up.

    Now I realize this last bit became quite a cluster of ideas and it became rather hard to understand. Again, I’m hoping for input from you guys to help me understand the scene better and hopefully spread the word and help the players and the aspiring ones.


    • I don’t think the iBuyPower shouldhave been banned because Valve didn’t have any rules against it at the time of the happening and they should be punished by not being allowed to do so.
    • CS:GO pros need to be top tier in order to have CS as a main focus of income and career and need to play too many tournaments in order to have enough to retire and not have to work for some years.
    • This issue should be addressed by having more money down by sponsors and there should be also higher pay and more room for smaller tier teams (2-3).

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    Greetings all,


    I recently acquired my first monitor have been experiencing some weird resolution issues when using my Displayport cable for connection between the monitor and computer.


    My PC is an ASUS ROG G20CB and my monitor is a BENQ XL2430T, 144hz monitor.


    So here is the quick and skinny, I have the monitor listed above attached via Displayport cable to my PC and I have my TV attached via HDMI to my PC as well. Both devices are 1080p resolution so naturally I run them as such. I have them set to duplicate so I can run my games to the monitor as well as the TV for playing in the living room with controller or watching movies/videos, etc. The issue arises when I shut down the system and then start it up again. The monitor changes to 800x600p resolution at 60hz and I am unable to bring it all the way back up to 1920x1080p resolution (the highest it will go is 1600x1024p). Regardless of how I set up the TV and monitor (meaning if it is duplicating, extending, show only 1 or 2) I can't correct it back to 1080p.


    I am currently using my Dual Link DVI cable instead of the Displayport and I have no issues with it adjusting the resolution upon shutdown or restart.


    Has anyone seen this before or know how to correct it?

  2. Curious

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    I have been playing Team Fortress 2 now for 750 hours, and my computer has been running quite slow on it recently. Back when I changed my graphics card to a 750ti, i got 100 fps average, but now I get around 40-50. However when i switch to other games i usually run it on high settings at around 60 fps (depending which game). I wondered why this happens? Is there any way to get my fps back up? or should i change hardware...? Thanks for your time ^-^


    Dual Intel Xeon E5450 @ 3.00GHz
    Nvidia GTX 750ti
    32Gb DDR2 Ram
    Dell 0RW203 motherboard
    1Tb Seagate SATA Drive

  3. I need a small form factor power supply for a Project I'm working on the maximum hight is 5cm... the ohter dimentions arent that important bute should also be as small as possible...
    I have been googling around but I haven't found anything really good so I'm asking you guys if anyone of you knows a power supply with 400w and the max hight of 5cm.


    Im currently learning english so don't blame me on that one.

  4. uli

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    I'm buy some PC parts and I was wondering if the cpu and motherboard work or if I need to choose a different motherboard. I would also like to have some recommendations for ram and power supply I should use.


    Cpu http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=19-113-371&FM=1


    Motherboard http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=13-128-565&FM=1

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    Processor Intel® Core i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz Manufacturer Intel Speed 3.5 GHz Number of Cores 4 Video Card 1 ASUS R9 270X Series Manufacturer ATI Chipset ASUS R9 270X Series Dedicated Memory 4096 MB Total Memory 4.0 GB Video Card 2 Intel® HD Graphics 4600 Manufacturer Intel Chipset Intel® HD Graphics 4600 Dedicated Memory 192.0 MB Total Memory 1.8 GB Memory 16 GB Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit Service Pack 1 Size 64 Bit Edition Professional PSU 750watts 80+ gold


    the specs above show what is inside the computer, i also have a cpu cooler from cooler master.
    the plan is to overclock the cpu and also to get a new/better GPU but im not sure what the GPU would be best for my system. my budget is around £300 but don't mind going over a little.


    side notes the maximum length for the gpu can only be 32 cm as my case is fairly small.


    any help would be greatly appreciated :)

  5. SSL's Blog

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    Audio interference (as defined below under "Symptoms") is a defect in a system due to hardware, software or firmware problems. It is not an inevitable consequence of using an integrated audio codec or sound card.


    Purchase of a sound card or external DAC is not necessary to fix this issue in most cases.


    STEP 1: Sanity Check (START HERE FIRST)

    Before diving into an exhaustive troubleshooting process, do some basic pre-checks:

    • Ensure that audio connectors are inserted into the correct jack (headphones in headphone jack, speakers in line-out)
    • Ensure that audio connectors have the right wiring for the given jack (e.g. 3-pin plug to 3-pin jack, 4-pin to 4-pin, etc)
    • Ensure audio connectors are fully and firmly inserted into audio jacks
    • Ensure that software or drivers are properly configured (headphone mode for headphones, speaker mode for speakers)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that your system supports the type of device you are using. If you are using headphones, make sure that your audio source supports headphones and is CONFIGURED to support headphones. A "tinny" sound may mean that you are trying to use headphones while your audio is in speaker mode.



    Audio interference manifests as any of the following sounds coming through speakers, headphones, or other audio recording and playback equipment. Coil whine coming directly from a power supply, GPU, or motherboard capacitor is not audio interference, although it may be related.

    • Continuous static, clicks, crackles, or pops; Rice Crispy sounds
    • Static or buzzing when moving the mouse, typing on the keyboard, or accessing physical drives
    • Static, buzzing, or crackling when in a game or during other heavy 3D workloads
    • Continuous hum or buzz around 60Hz and/or its harmonics
    • Intermittent buzzing that may follow a regular pattern

    Possible Causes

    The canned solution to audio interference is to get an external DAC or soundcard. This advice frequently results in needless expenditure and may not even address the underlying problem.


    • Ground loop: A problem where there is more than one path to ground, with differing potential between the two grounds. This usually causes a continuous, audible hum or buzz around 60Hz or its harmonics.
    • SLI or Crossfire: Multi-GPU setups may cause various issues with audio processing.
    • Overclocking: Overclocks to the CPU, GPU, system RAM, or other components.
    • UEFI/BIOS: Out-of-date motherboard BIOS may degrade PCI performance or promote instability.
    • Drivers: Out-of-date drivers for audio or other components may cause high latency and degraded performance.
    • Software: Extraneous bloatware, particularly those that are audio-related, may reduce performance. Applications that run with a "realtime" priority may also be at fault.
    • Power management: OS and BIOS settings designed to save energy such as C1E and EIST.
    • Improper grounding: A (very) low quality power supply without proper ground connection or a motherboard not properly seated against the I/O plate may rob the system of a proper path to ground. Older AC wall outlets may also lack a true ground.
    • Electrical short: Improper electrical contact between components may cause various problems; an out of place motherboard standoff or contact between add-on cards are possible culprits.
    • Internal cabling: Poor quality power supply cables, GPU power splitters, extensions, and poor cable combinations/placement may contribute to power fluctuations and EMI. Low quality cables and adapters are a fire hazard.
    • External cabling: Data or analog audio cables running close or parallel to power cables, or any cable - whether data, audio, or AC - that lacks proper shielding/filtering may render the audio chain vulnerable to external RFI and EMI interference.
    • Electrical wiring: Improper wiring of AC wall sockets or lack of ground may cause issue with power delivery and proper grounding of components.
    • Network over AC (Powerline): Powerline networking causes massive amounts of RFI in the surrounding environment and may cause audible interference in sufficiently sensitive audio gear.
    • Component proximity: Placing sensitive audio equipment close to sources of EMI or RFI may introduce audio interference to the signal chain. These sources may include but are not limited to mobile phones, wireless access points, graphics cards, power transformers, and radio transmitters/transceivers.


    STEP 2: Diagnostic Process

    As audio interference may be caused by an enormous range of problems, the purpose of diagnostics is to narrow down the proximate cause in as systematic fashion as possible. At this point do not directly attempt to solve the problem.

    • Perform each check in the following list. If the audio interference issue goes away, you have likely identified the cause. In some cases, no further steps may be required.
    • If the troubleshooting step fixes the issue but is not practical for normal use (such as booting in Windows Safe Mode or disabling an overclock), consult the corresponding Solutions and Workarounds section below.


    1. Test different headphones/speakers on the system AND test the same headphones/speakers on a different system
      • This will determine if the problem is related to your system or your headphones/speakers
    2. Test all audio jacks/USB ports, both on the case and on the rear motherboard IO panel
      • A jack or port may be bad
    3. Reduce system master volume and/or game master volume from 100% to 75-80%
      • For microphones: reduce volume and turn down gain/boost if available
    4. Disable all audio effects in the Windows Sound and Audio Devices Properties
      • Audio effects in the Windows mixer reduce quality and can cause interference

    Check for Driver and Software Issues:

    • Try different settings in the audio drivers control panel or system audio settings
      • Ensure that if you are using headphones that your audio is in headphone mode
      • Ensure that if your audio settings have an impedance or gain setting that it is not too high or too low
    • Boot Windows in Safe Mode; if the interference stops it is likely caused by a driver
      • On Windows 7, 8, or 10, install LatencyMon to determine the responsible driver
      • On Windows XP or Vista, install DPC Latency Checker. You will need to systematically disable devices in hardware manager to narrow down the cause.
    • Disable unused audio devices in the Windows Device Manager
    • Check Task Manager for resource hogs and real-time priority processes
    • Perform a full virus scan

    Check for Power Management Issues:

    • Disable C1E (Enhanced halt state) and EIST (Intel SpeedStep) in BIOS
    • Set Windows Power Plan to Power Saver or High Performance
    • Disable all overclocks (CPU, GPU, RAM, etc)

    Check for Hardware Issues:

    • Disable unused/non-essential motherboard components at the BIOS level, such as NICs or RAID/SATA controllers
    • Disconnect ALL non-audio peripherals (including mouse, keyboard, and display)
    • Disconnect front audio header and use motherboard rear-panel or sound card; if you are already using rear-panel audio, try front-panel instead
    • Remove discrete graphics cards
    • Remove discrete soundcard

    Check for Electrical Shorts and Grounding Issues:

    • Remove case side panels; check for unwanted electrical contact between components such as wires and electrical contacts
    • Disconnect front audio header
    • Verify that the motherboard is firmly secured. Standoffs and screws should be firm. Ensure the motherboard is firmly seated in the IO plate, and that the IO plate is firmly seated in the case.
    • Verify that the power supply is properly secured in the case and that it is connected to a grounded (3-prong) outlet

    Check for Wireless Interference:

    • Relocate possible sources of EMI/RFI interference away from the computer and audio equipment (wireless access points, wireless peripherals, mobile phones, microwave ovens, etc)
    • Unplug other appliances that may be source of interference over AC power
      • This includes but is not limited to: household appliances, dimmer light switches, and other computers
    • Connect the system a different AC wall socket, preferably on a different circuit breaker

    Check External Cabling:

    • Try switching out audio signal or data transmission cables for working spares
    • If experiencing interference in only one channel of a multi-channel system, swap the channel cables
    • Move AC power cables as far away as possible from audio and digital cables, and eliminate parallel runs where possible
    • Swap compatible AC power cables or switch them out for a working spare

    Check Electrical Wiring:

    • Obtain and use an AC wall socket tester (usually available for less than $10); if issues are found, try a different outlet or re-wire
      • If you do not have a socket tester, try plugging your system into another outlet, preferably a kitchen or bathroom GFCI outlet, which are generally required to be grounded by code

    STEP 3: Solutions and Workarounds

    Audio Settings:

    • Disable microphone gain or effects in the Windows Sound and Audio Devices Properties
    • Test different sampling rates in the Windows Sound and Audio Devices Properties; for example 16 vs 24 bit, 44.1kHz vs 192kHz.

    Audio Device Conflict:

    • Disable unused audio devices in the Windows Sound and Audio Devices Properties OR Windows Device Manager
      This includes the HDMI audio output included on many GPUs
    • Disable unused recording devices in the Windows Sound and Audio Devices Properties OR Windows Device Manager


    • Try peripherals in different USB ports

    Add-on Cards:

    • Move add-on cards, including GPU, and ensure they are properly seated
    • Re-seat auxiliary power cables
    • Use different power harness combinations if available from power supply
    • Ensure that motherboard and IO plate are properly seated (grounded)
    • Disable SLI and remove one card; re-boot and re-enable SLI


    • Disable unnecessary startup programs and services, especially those that are audio-related
      Exercise caution; some startup items might be essential to the proper function of your computer


    Flashing the BIOS or changing the CMOS can cause the memory and PCI performance to improve. Occasionally, this can cause performance to degrade. For more information about specific versions or for information about updates, please contact your motherboard manufacturer.

    • Download and install latest audio drivers from motherboard manufacturer website
      You may need to use a beta driver or even downgrade in some situations
    • Download and install latest graphics drivers from GPU manufacturer website
      You may need to use a beta driver or even downgrade in some situations
    • Remove and reinstall default Windows audio drivers (uninstall device and scan for hardware changes in Windows Device Manager)
    • Update other device drivers from motherboard manufacturer website
      For unused devices (SATA controllers, etc): Uninstall driver and disable device in BIOS or Windows Device Manager
    • Update motherboard BIOS using latest downlaod from motherboard manufacturer website (use caution)
    • Ensure that SATA devices are not conflicting with PCI memory resources. Changing to a different controller may help.

    Internal Cabling:

    • Re-route AND/OR add shielding to the front audio header cable
    • Try different power harness combinations from the power supply: for example, if using two PCIe power cables for a GPU, try a single cable with a splitter (if available)

    External Cabling:

    Electrical Wiring/Ground Loop:

    Sources and References

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    I just found this awesome site called techberge. (techberge.cf) It focuses on smartphones, and little bit on others. I have contacted the creator and they said they will be releasing more content often about new things. They also have a twitter page @techberge. Also they were saying that they are creating a youtube channel and videos will be out soon. They are a newer site so lets support them.

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    okay guys i know this may seem odd but im making the world wide SOS i have a friend in need. i figured this was the best place to put it up because we are both huge tech nerds we both love building and tinkering with PC's and linus has directly inspired me, before i first started watching the video's i was a total noob i hadnt the first clue of what to do to a pc... soo thank you... now back to what i was saying... my best friend recently had a horrible accident... he lost everything house, wife, car, and all of our tech stuff... he is currently staying with me and i cant stand to see him soo sad... i know that i cant get his wife back or any of those things back but id like to atleast give him some kind of joy... he plays games on my pc and spends most of his time there... soo i was thinking an i know it seems foolish to think like this but i know im not the only tech guy around with more then one piece to a pc that isnt being used currently... at the moment i currently hace a PSU, a GPU and a case... the PSU is a 750 watt OCz 80+ bronze psu, very stought and very strong i used it in my first rig... i have 2 GTX 550ti's that i used to run in sli and i have thermaltake h22 case... well im wanting to get him a rig together to handle some gaming sure im lacking in the graphic department but i used them just fine for most games... sure nothing was maxed but it was a good enough gaming experience... soo my proposition is i wanted to make a distress call to all the tech geeks like me and try and give him something to have fun on with me and our buddies... soo if anyone has any piece of hardware laying around that they arent using please give me a shout im more then willing to buy the hardware but im on a budget and i think it would be alot cooler to buy hardware for you guys and have you show your support instead of going all in on brand new hardware... ill try my best to keep yall updated on what i have bought or recieved... if this isnt your cup of tea thats fine but if your not using it or dont need it let me know i wanna see my friend smile again

  6. I need a little help my dad is upgrading his computer but I really need to know can you game with Xeon E5-2680 processor here's a full list of what he wants to use with it and I need to know which type of power supplies that is not super expensive but quite affordable but good quality to get


    Here's the list of the parts he has now


    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
    MSI 970A-G46
    AMD Entertainment Editon 16GB (AE34G1609U2)
    ASUS R9 280X DC2T 3GD5 X2
    LSP Ultra 750W ATX


    Here's the list of the parts he wants


    Xeon E5-2680
    ASUS ROG Rampage IV Gene
    AMD Entertainment Editon 16GB (AE34G1609U2) Reusing
    ASUS R9 280X DC2T 3GD5 X2 Reusing
    power supplies not sure


    he's using 2 R9 280X


    I need people who knows what they're doing to comment on this please don't be that one person who comments [just choose this] I want a professional comment

  7. @@WhOaMi_Gaming


    Short version (TLDR):
    I have not build my own rig/workstation in years and decided it was time to get back to it. I also decided my cousin needed an upgraded as he is going into his Senior year of high school and I wanted him to have the best resources he won’t use for studying.


    Build 1:
    4970k, r920x DD by XFX, 16 gig ddr 3, msi krait edition mobo, intel 500 series ssd, asus 24’ 1080p 144Hz gaming monitor (my old one + my old gaming keyboards, mice, etc). Windows 10 Pro.
    I heard great things about XFX but they still have not returned my phone call or responded to my ticket. The card I received from NewEgg was idling at 50C+ due to one of the fans being broken? So to speak. NewEgg did not offer a refund for the card but an exchange, however, they were out of stock. I got the refund and put it towards a hyper fury x. Let’s say I was impressed by the AMD drivers but nothing else. I gave him one of my 980 TI’s and off he went.
    I understand fully why NewEgg is such a stickler about returns now. Certain companies are terrible about replacing products they mass produce – this is beyond absurd and I refuse to give my money to any company like this.
    First time using NewEgg in years. I’d say it’s 50/50 in terms of customer support/service on the person or supervisor you get. I had a guy from “Premier Phone Support” lie to me, tell me that after he hung up on me I could rate the conversation with him. Needless to say, they lost me as a customer that day save for great deals, never will buy premier again.
    Intel Core i7-4790K
    GTX 980 TI FTW (EVGA)


    Build #2


    980 TI FTW (EVGA) x2 SLI (currently running only 1 this fury x of his I returned).. Honestly, may not happen until I find a reason to game @ 4k 144+ refresh/freq rate (without “down sampling” ....
    I primarily play E-Sports game. If I start streaming again more actively and find a need for it there I'll pick up the pace. Otherwise, I plan to snag the new GPU’s this summer.
    Windows 10 Pro
    32 gigs DDR3
    Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING 7
    Acer XF270HU 144Hz 27" Monitor (Primary Gaming Display). Few more that I have bought and returned. I am trying to find that sweet spot display, especially an ultra wide that does what I need. 144Hz @ 1440p is a must for my gaming experience, however, I need that business ultra wide @ 4k that I can stream Netflix on, etc.. There is so much technology I have yet to play around with and this is (sad to admit) my first SSD. Never going back to HDD/s and only using them for cold storage now. I got x2 490/500 gig SSD’s. I love them, just nothing else to say.


    After thought and things I would have done differently:


    I will only work on a full size mobo. I am 6’5 and anything smaller is just a pain for me. Out of everything the dark pro 3 (be quiet) aftermarket cpu cooler was the biggest pain in the ass to install due to my large hands.
    I’ll update more after I overclock the cpu and gpu but for now I am very happy gamer in search of an ultra-wide still.


    Researched displays a lot more.
    Found the website that listed the MSRP + lowest price sold for and where on all items I was interested in.
    Never buy another HDD with cloud storage and my 500 from my past I am good for nonprofessional use.
    Bought both my cousin and I larger cases and him a larger mobo.
    Stay away from anyone but companies I know and unfortunately, I don’t know any AMD. I am not a “Nvidia fanboy” and was very impressed at how the 290x ran without being overclocked. until later that night when I noticed how hot it was and checked afterburner. I was very nervous and still after 3 weeks have no response from XFX. Just ruined AMD cards for me this year.
    I would have researched overclocking a lot more. I have yet to OC either mobo or cpu and if I never do I wasted some money going with the k version and their mobos.


    All in all, I am happy especially for keeping the price of both workstations / gaming rigs under 2,600$ (not including displays/peripherals)
    I might be back to bitch about my 980 TI FTW by EVGA but I doubt it. This thing is a monster that I never hear coming.


    Time to a few days off from csgo and dota to play some games that show me the beauty of this card.
    Take care all, Happy New Years..

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    Hi, I have an Alienware m17x R4 that used to be my main personal ´´workstation/gaming´´ pc but I want to sell this giant laptop and buy a portable laptop because I build a powerfull desktop for my 3d modeling work (I´m an architect). I´m thinking about the Dell XPS 13 or the Asus Zenbook UX303UB but. I want a good IPS screen, a well build machine, something that can run CS:GO or casual gaming with no problem and a decent battery. Which option you think is better than the other? Or should I go with a Macbook pro 13 and install Boot Camp to have the option to boot windows 10 ? I was thinking about the surface pro 4 too but I think the specs are not the best for that price. My budget is around 1300. I just want the best lightweight option.

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    anyone know why, my internet connection is 50mbps but when downloading a update file I only get 500-1000bps on average :rolleyes:

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    i need a sims 3 build for my mom at least 30 fps 1080p with parts that last at least a year am on a tight budget so dont overkill it thanks

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    I was watching part one of Linus building a pfSense router when I paused. Linus looked... scarily similar to this guy. Unsettling, truly.


  8. Hi this is the first time making a computer. I'm looking to make a decent gaming computer but I'm not sure if I'm using the appropriate parts
    My price range is around $600-800; price is the highest priority. My uses include web browsing, watching shows, and light gaming




    This is what I have so far . Please comment your suggestions

  9. Hello.


    I have just purchased a Corsair K30 Raptor edition (at least that's what I think it's called) keyboard in a sale at a local store. Although I had my heart set on a K90, my budget is tight and I would have rather put my money in areas concerning my actual machine as opposed to the peripherals. I'm well aware that the K30 only has the red backlighting and if I wanted RGB-esque customization I should have shelled out an extra £10 for the K40, however they were all out of stock when I got there and the deal on the K30 was just too good.


    I was wondering if there are anyways of my changing any lighting animations that can be seen across other Corsair keyboards. The software allows me to only change the brightness and use the one pulsing led effect so I was really looking for some third party software that would do the trick.


    Thank you



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    Hi I need help building my PC i currently have a Sony VAIO VCG-RA830G Desktop PC which my aunt gave to me. I plan to ether choose a Pentium g3258 as a temporary and get the GPU I want the GTX 960 (http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GQTpXL) . Or get the Cpu I want the I5 4690
    K and get a temporary GPU the GTX 750TI (http://pcpartpicker.com/p/pr92XL). Please help me decide. :D

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    So i bought components for a pc build and when i came to check them i found that i had a problem it had no video output and was making no beeps because i dont have a speaker to test with plz help

  10. Hello everyone


    Can i get some feedback on my build, anything you woud change or replace?





  11. This is my newest blog entry based on current events at home.


    I'm sitting at the laptop typing this up while I've got thoughts running rampant through my head, thinking about both my workstation/gaming rig and also my mother's rig which she has now. What I'm tired of is hearing both her and my brother bitching and whining about their problems, which made me want to tell them to shut up and keep your thoughts to yourselves. Also my mom, again, has this assumption that no one in this world needs more than 2GB of VRAM for their graphics cards. Well gee, maybe if she played one of today's games and not EverQuest all the time, which is the only game I've seen her play as of now. To each their own I guess, but that doesn't justify her stating that because clearly she's wrong; ARMA 3 can use up more than 1.5GB of VRAM on the graphics side, even though ARMA 3 is a CPU-bound game. Crysis 1 is heavy-handed on the GPU, and TERA is also heavy on the GPU. I intend to get the GTX 980 to meet my needs for both 1440p gaming as my entry into that realm and primarily for my 3D animation projects. The way I make my 3D scenes makes things very demanding on the system and budget systems is out of the question. They're fine with budget systems. I have expectations to meet and I will do anything to meet those expectations.


    Also I am a PC enthusiast and that's true. I have already admitted that and I feel like I'm being attacked by these misconceptions because clearly she's not in the same boat as I am with me playing AAA games while running them as high as I can and creating high-quality 3D scenes in 3ds Max which ends up with render times numbering in the hours, possibly even days for the render to complete. Not acceptable on my standards. Photoshop will use up as much RAM as you tell it to, Premier, 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and some others will use up as much CPU as it can. Trust me I've used really slow systems to do 3D work in Cinema 4D on an iMac, and that sucks ass. Render times numbered in the weeks, and I will never relive that past, EVER again!!!


    So who's right and who's wrong with these arguments?


    If you're wondering what system I use at the college and the one I plan on building for myself, here are the links.


    PCPartPicker link for my personal system: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/m6n2XL


    PCPartPicker link for my college's systems: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/kxWrZL

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    Im finally gonna do a build log!


    (not everything is in the picture)
    (sorry for low quality picture, but I'm too lazy too0 not use my phones :S)

    • CPU

      Intel i5-4690

    • Motherboard

      Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 LGA 1150

    • RAM

      Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB Kit (4GBx2)

    • GPU

      GTX 960 Overclocked 4GB Windforce

    • Case

      Senty Gs-6008 Plus Stealth

    • Storage

      WD Black 1tb HDD + SanDisk SSD 250GB

    • PSU

      Senty 750w 80 Plus Bronze

    • Display(s)

      x2 Acer G226HQL 21.5-inch HD Widescreens

    • Cooling

      Corsair Hydro Series H60

    • Keyboard

      Logitech G105 920-003371

    • Mouse

      Etekcity Scroll T-142

    • Sound

      Turtle Beach X12

    • Operating System

      Windows 8.1






    Starwars: The Force Awakens is not the letdown I expected when it was first announced, it managed to live up to its hype without exceeding it and it is truly an awesome movie.
    I loved the Millennium Falcon returned, and how it was “inherited” by Rai, who I think truly is one of the best hero’s that the starwars universe will ever see. By the end of the movie Rai has complete confidence in the few “Jedi” abilities she has learned and has “opened” herself to the force while kind of keeping her characters innocents. Fin is a pretty simple character, but I do wonder what makes him different from the other conditioned storm troopers, all I can really say about his character is that he has balls, and ultimately knows to do what’s right like solo has done in the previous movies. Kylo Ren is an interesting character and seems to be struggling to stay on the dark side, the exact opposite of most Jedi. In all, solo’s death was necessary in order to kind of take focus off the previous characters, the Millennium Falcon is in good hands with Rai and Chewy (though why is he continuing with her when he was honoring a life debt to solo?) Kylo Ren has a lot more character development needed, BB-8 is the cutest robot I have ever seen (why does he purr?) c3po is still annoying, r2d2 is still awesome and Luke is running from his problems like the last Jedi did after the clone wars. And this movie is a good addition to the series. 8.5/10

  13. Good day,
    Could you provide any information on how to stream Xbox1/PS4 games to any stream capable device outside of the PC or maybe even use my PC to stream a Xbox one game to play on my shield tablet without having to purchase and extras. Or are the extras needed? There are videos on YouTube on this that are from 2013(years old). Is there a newer more efficient way to stream console games to a stream friendly device? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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    Do you ever feel empty?
    Like you've missed a big chunk of your life?
    Lost something? Or Possibly someone?


    Everyone has felt that sometime in their life... Unlike my Unfinished Pieces this is a little bit personal. Rather than laid back reading drafts of stories that never got completed, this is a developing one on its own, not that laid back and not that tense.


    I had a friend back in Elementary School, we were practically best friends for 5 years, happy go lucky friends as we were young, the world seemed so big to us, there werent anything tragic back then. We didnt understood 9/11, or Y2K, we barely knew what politic means. But as far as i can remember i had another best friend.
    We used to call ourselves The Three Amigos, we had this one eccentric member in our Trio, he was always the cheery one with crazy but smart ideas, we also had this member who is somewhat gloomy but not too sad, he was the most maturest of our group.
    The Third, Mature one was always get along with all layers of society.
    The Second, Eccentric one was picky, he judges everyone and only hangs out with the lowest layer of society, what we call Nerds and Socially Isolated one, hes always trying to make them Happy.


    Time goes on and we had happy times all 6 years of our elementary school. Eventually its time to separate, Graduation is upon us and eventually our skills separated us, Im the forever happy go lucky and didnt care about a single thing in the world unless it cheers me up, Third One was somewhat Smart but nothing compared to the Second One, The Eccentric One. The Second one was studying hard, every time I try to go out with him for some fun in the arcade hes studying in his home taught by an expensive home teacher. Third One? He goes to cram school.


    I was aiming for the highest rated Junior High in the province, but i saw my grades and then i plummet down to a Private School filled with Kids who didnt make it to Government Schools, just like me. They both go to the same Private Schools of the same Foundation that my Elementary was found in so they had alot of colleagues there, while i was thrown in an 3 year jail sentence with unknown cellmates.
    Life was different there. I realized this is what its like to live on the other side of the glass, all this time in rich kids elementary and i get thrown down here in the slums jail. So i didnt really pay attention to the lessons like the happy go lucky I am but what i did pay attention to is the Social Hierarchy in this kind of school. Everything seemed different, from rich to poor existed, and how we got along was also a unique experience for me. Eventually i learned about all the bad things in this world and avoided it, i wondered how the other guys was doing.


    Before i knew it, the Second One, while we was playing some Minecraft, accused me of stealing some of his items and breaking into his house, which was not my fault he built his under mine. Anyways in the mist of Rage i blurted out that i would hack this server and kill everyone in it, ending with a maniacal laugh, not amused the server owner came by and asked me why, i didnt answer and he throws me back to my house, sighing. Other colleagues from my elementary gathered in front of my house with Flint and Steel, they were razing my wood tower, calling me names and stuff. The Second One.. can be.. persuasive, where he would create a group, everyone would join! If i created the same group nobody would join. So my Social Thread run on his Needle-y End. I havent earned my manliness and i admit i kinda cried at that time, my friends turned their back after that because the Second One told them so. I even lost contact with The Third. Oh well time moves on.


    Forgetting them and Replaced Them was the thing to do. After 3 years in the "Was A Slum Jail" It turned out to be my kind of group. My Slum Jail became a Slum Heaven, though the students are 80% less than my elementary less means closer.


    I went to the same High School Institution as my Junior High was founded on. Met a couple Junior High Slum Jailmates, i was glad i have someone i know. But it didnt stop me from communicating with others. I met The Third One, it was 3 years apart and reunion in that moment. I was glad but he was in a different class than me so communicating was hard. I tried to talk to him but every time i did, he grows more distant. Not the Third One i knew 3 years ago... A whole lot of change there, trust me it wasnt Just Puberty, Its like he went 3 years of social brainwash. Junior High could be the pinnacle of change of our youth, i learned more about society and so did Third One. He got along with a bad group in High School. Im worried but i cant do nothing since 3 years apart demoted from Lifetime Best Friends to Distant Acquaintance. He... Started smoking... I hate people who smoke, both of my parents smoke and im not proud of it. It Kills man... If its drinking its cool but i have zero tolerance on smoking. He hung out with the wrong crowd and it already seemed impossible to pull him back to my crowd


    In the span of a month it felt like i lost the Third One i knew 3 years ago.. The one i knew 5 year long. He started doing rebellious things, hanging out with bad crowds. I was more in the Lower Layer again, didnt event tried to climb the stairs of Social. I do things differently than The Third One now... unlike in Elementary no matter what grades we would always hang out together after school, it became different. He started speeding with motorcycle, and smoking, im worried it might led to... Drugs... But i shrugged it off, even though the weight i carried for three years was sticky, i managed to pry it off and somehow..... I feel empty now... Like life is different without the heavy weight i carried. Oh well... No point in turning back and going to the same school as they did right? If i did go to the same Junior High they did, i wouldnt learn all the bad things in life and how to avoid them! I would not met the most beautiful girl of my life! I wouldn't meet quirky strange unique but great friends along the people.


    I havent contacted the Second One since the Razing of my Wooden Tower, and he ran a black campaign for me back in junior high, third one said.


    Sometimes... Going different paths is the right thing to do.
    Venture to the unknown.