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The Rant - Part 3



"I don't want to spend over $200"


Ok.  Well do you like visiting the chiropractor?  No?  Then stop being a goddamn cheapskate.  I know what your setup looks like.  How about you stop buying 9000 different varieties of useless, fugly painted plastic that is funco-pop--and spend the money on something that you will actually PHYSICALLY be in contact with on a daily basis?  Do you also like sleeping on a fouton instead of a bed?  Or a cot instead of a proper mattress?  Tell you what, while you're at it, why not rip out that driver's seat in your 81 Honda and replace it with a wood stool--which is pretty much the same thing as a fucking gamer chair--but FOR YOUR CAR!


Do you know why things vary in price?  Quality--and that's extremely true on the lower end of the spectrum.  Those $400 running shoes aren't going to give you vastly superior experience to $80 ones.  But those $80 ones are going to be way better than the $10 velcro Bantha-Excrement that you get from Wally-World.  Guess what?  Durability requires build quality.  Build quality costs money.  More materials, better engineering, better construction, better design, more money.  Do you even know what's out there?  Like has your ass ever been in contact with any seating surface that wasn't riddled with holes, ebola, or dust mites?  Do you even what adjustment options are out there--or are you simply buying based on image?  Do you also buy BMW, wear Ed Hardy and visit Starbucks daily too?  Are you that much of an image-laden tool that quality is irrelevant, and your most important considerations are cost and looks?


Do you also shop for a house by telling the real-estate agent that your maximum budget is in the price range of "buckets in the living room to collect rainwater"?  You mean to tell me that you spent 50% of your total build cost--again--on useless shit like Nanoleaf, and you want to finish out your PC with the chair equivalent of pegging.  Ok, well just as long as you know that up front.  Just admit to yourself that you are all flash and 0 substance.  That you gave 90 hours of consideration to the water piping in your PC case, and 90 seconds of consideration to what chair you were going to get.  You would have been better served by opening the lid and making it rain directly into the toilet bowl--because that's functionally the equivalent of your pathetic "$200 chair budget".  In fact, no.  Sell your BMW and buy a LADA, Trabant or Yugo.  Much more fitting.



Or you know, you could spend 2 hours reading review blogs, watching YT channels from furniture sellers and making determinations about what features are most important to you--and then coming up with a realistic budget that won't necessitate buying another chair in 18 months or less.


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