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Random musings, thoughts, ramblings and vitriol from a bellicose old timer.

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The Rant - Part 3

"I don't want to spend over $200"   Ok.  Well do you like visiting the chiropractor?  No?  Then stop being a goddamn cheapskate.  I know what your setup looks like.  How about you stop buying 9000 different varieties of useless, fugly painted plastic that is funco-pop--and spend the money on something that you will actually PHYSICALLY be in contact with on a daily basis?  Do you also like sleeping on a fouton instead of a bed?  Or a cot instead of a proper mattress?  Tell you what, whi


IPD in Chairs

The Rant - Part 2

"4k isn't even useful until you are at 55" or bigger, and 8k is practically useless"   ^These are the words of an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  Go on and quote me all your factbabble about "Arc seconds/minutes/degrees of the human eye" and all that fluff.  You're an idiot if you believe that shit matters to decipher any meaningful data for the average user.  No two people will ever perceive a setup the exact same way, and no two will ever have exactly the same pre


IPD in Displays

The rant - Part 1

"Picking out a monitor based on your GPU means you have gone full retard."   There, I said it.  Back in the glory-days of "CRT, only CRT, and nothing but CRT, so help me god"--you didn't have the false gods of refresh rate.  You didn't have the idolatry of HDR.  You slapped whatever GPU you could afford into your rig, and prayed you got over 20 FPS.  You'd ping resolution as high as it would go--and hope it stayed playable.  30fps was a pipe-dream in many cases.  Nobody cared about mon


IPD in Monitors