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The Rant - Part 2



"4k isn't even useful until you are at 55" or bigger, and 8k is practically useless"


^These are the words of an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  Go on and quote me all your factbabble about "Arc seconds/minutes/degrees of the human eye" and all that fluff.  You're an idiot if you believe that shit matters to decipher any meaningful data for the average user.  No two people will ever perceive a setup the exact same way, and no two will ever have exactly the same preferences.


You know what does matter?  PPI & viewing distance.  That's practically written in Genesis 1:1.  "And god said, let there be 4k, and behold there was.  And god saw that it was good".  Even god knows more about display resolutions than your average keyboard warrior with an 8th grade reddit education.  So why PPI?  Easy.  Everything you do on a display will be smoother, cleaning and less stress inducing on your eyeballs the more dots are used to create it.  It's the same reason why staring up close at a jumbotron makes you want to pencil-trick yourself, Heath Ledger Joker style.  And yet you'll still hear knuckle-dragging Luddites who claim that any resolution above whatever native rez your GPU can handle--is bad.  Those people are wrong.  They will pay for their sins on the altar of buying a new display to address the shortcomings of their last misguided foray.


Viewing distance?  Well that depends on the activity.  If you are neftlix and chill--you might want to be back further from a display than if you are nose-deep in spreadsheet nirvana.  It all varies.  But every time you get a higher rez monitor and you can see the improvement in PPI--that is your eyeballs telling you that everything you've known up until that point is a lie.  The fuck you mean 24" is fine for 1080p.  Laptops screens aren't even "fine" at 1080p.  So unless you are trying to browse the web in BRAILLE, have your head examined for deluding yourself into believing that 24" 1080p is "just fine".


Worse?  This is why 4320p isn't even mainstream yet.  Let alone why 120hz 4320p isn't mainstream.  Let alone why there isn't mainstream DP 2.0 and HDMI 2.1/2.2 support for 8k 120hz--especially multiple panels.  Yet instead of pushing resolutions to ever higher levels--and allowing ever larger displays with high-density PPI--we are stuck in propaganda land.  Propaganda land, where the marketing gurus have convinced the masses that everything EXCEPT resolution--is far more important.  No I don't care about your HDR version 900651.  No I don't care about color accuracy that is so nitnoid that I  can clearly tell that actor's skin hue is Burnt Sienna and not Pureed Pumpkin.  No I don't care about a refresh rate that is only viably useful for particle acceleration forensics.  No, I don't care about "perfect blacks" and the insufferable fuckery that is OLED.  The mere fact that I would have to adapt/change my behavior patterns at all to keep from seering images into my display panel--means that your technology is FUCKED.  If you want that for movies--have it it.  Keep it the fuck away from my PC.  And the fact that windows and browsers have taken since before Gen-Z was born...until now...to figure out how to scale text and other shit---is because of you heathens that keep allowing them to shovel-feed us with shite display panels.


I swear to christ, we'd have flying cars and colonies on Mars--if the Luddites didn't stop technology from progressing faster.  If 1440p and 1080p are "still a thing" in the desktop monitor segment in another decade--choke yourselves.


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