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About this blog

Welcome, my friends, to the greatest collection of words ever written. Yes, I know that this kind of thing is subjective, and that I often forget about unimportant things like forming a proper sentence. Many experts on the English language will probably say my posts are the worst thing they've ever read, even compared to an owner's manual for a Chinese washing machine, but they are wrong. Those other written works were made by people not brave enough to say Canadian Internet service providers are bad. This one was.

Entries in this blog

You don't want to use a Linux-converted Chromebook

About a year ago, I received a Chromebook from my mom’s friend. Its end of support date was sometime in June of this year (2022 if you’re reading this in 2023, 2024, or maybe this blog will be like religious books and people in the year 4843 will have this read to them by their robotic dog who is also their dental hygienist), so she figured I might want to do something with it.   I genuinely don’t think I’d ever wanted a laptop less than that, because I’m sure we all know the hardware

Tasks with Plenty of Documentation: 2, theverge.com: 0

Hello everyone! I’m back at my home again, which is a lot like being out at my cabin but with Internet that’s twice as slow and three times more expensive. Tonight I wanted to take a look at an impressively bad article from The Verge (Wow! I bet you’re shocked! You probably thought “bad The Verge article” was an oxymoron!)   This absolute gem of a story can be considered a spiritual successor to the last time The Verge tried to perform a task for which an endless amount of documentatio