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About this blog

Welcome, my friends, to the greatest collection of words ever written. Yes, I know that this kind of thing is subjective, and that I often forget about unimportant things like forming a proper sentence. Many experts on the English language will probably say my posts are the worst thing they've ever read, even compared to an owner's manual for a Chinese washing machine, but they are wrong. Those other written works were made by people not brave enough to say Canadian Internet service providers are bad. This one was.

Entries in this blog

Long overdue update on replacing my old monitor

I wrote this shortly after acquiring my new monitor in June of 2022 but seem to have forgotten to post it. Here we go...   A few months ago I wrote about how desperate I was to upgrade from my 17” Acer AL1706, as it simply wasn’t the kind of monitor I could see myself using into the foreseeable future. Sure, it was better than, say, a 2000s laptop screen, but calling a display better than one on a 2000s laptop is no different than saying your house is safer from flooding than a town in

The Search for a New Monitor, Part 2

A little while ago, I told you guys about how desperate I was to switch to a monitor that wasn’t a low-end Acer from 2006-07. I said how much I really wanted one of those Dell Ultrasharp monitors that you could put those soundbars on, and it seems like that’s finally becoming a reality in a few days.   Yesterday, I was out in Downtown Winnipeg, for an appointment when I had the idea to go to an e-recycling facility and look for one of those monitors. The place is located in Winnipeg’s

I'm ditching my 16-year-old monitor for another 16-year-old monitor

When I was younger, I always loved to read this little story in which there were 3 pigs, and and a wolf. These 3 pigs each built their houses out of different materials, and the wolf demolished all but one of them, presumably because they weren’t compliant with local building codes.   Why am I bringing up an obscure children’s story you’ve definitely never heard before in a post about monitors? Because of the similarities between the LCD monitors sold from 2006 to 2010 that featured on

A post about my computer

As a Gen Z, it seems like I'm required to make my whole life revolve around one thing, to the point of insanity and well beyond. That's why if you search "Acer Aspire T180", you'll find that the amount of posts mentioning this Vista-era mini-tower has essentially doubled since the day I joined the forums.   Why do I love a PC made nearly 2 decades ago by a system integrator known for their poor build quality so much? Can you still live with a computer from the days when people hadn't e