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About this blog

Welcome, my friends, to the greatest collection of words ever written. Yes, I know that this kind of thing is subjective, and that I often forget about unimportant things like forming a proper sentence. Many experts on the English language will probably say my posts are the worst thing they've ever read, even compared to an owner's manual for a Chinese washing machine, but they are wrong. Those other written works were made by people not brave enough to say Canadian Internet service providers are bad. This one was.

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The Spark Plug Change From Hell, Part One

Today's blog entry is a lesson in not being prepared when you really should've been. My dad and I knew it wouldn't be long until we had to change the spark plugs in the '05 Audi TT, but we came to the car without a spark plug wrench, experience working on these stupid German cars with barely any room around the engine, or even the damn replacement spark plugs.    The TT has been sitting in a garage at our cabin for over half a year, because we had a painfully long winter, Followed by a


AudiTTFan in car