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Welcome, my friends, to the greatest collection of words ever written. Yes, I know that this kind of thing is subjective, and that I often forget about unimportant things like forming a proper sentence. Many experts on the English language will probably say my posts are the worst thing they've ever read, even compared to an owner's manual for a Chinese washing machine, but they are wrong. Those other written works were made by people not brave enough to say Canadian Internet service providers are bad. This one was.

Entries in this blog

How to Fix WMP Metadata Services in XP, Vista and 7 if You Want to Do That for Some Reason

If you're like me, you might remember July of 2019, when Microsoft discontinued their fai[dot]metaservices[dot]com metadata provider for Windows Media Player, and only added a replacement service on Windows 8.1 and 10. This came as a tremendous shock to me, because the resulting uproar was how I found out people still used WMP. Since then, several people have discovered a workaround, which is effective in almost every way, aside from one thing I'll answer at the very end because that's how blog


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