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Tasks with Plenty of Documentation: 2, theverge.com: 0



Hello everyone! I’m back at my home again, which is a lot like being out at my cabin but with Internet that’s twice as slow and three times more expensive. Tonight I wanted to take a look at an impressively bad article from The Verge (Wow! I bet you’re shocked! You probably thought “bad The Verge article” was an oxymoron!)


This absolute gem of a story can be considered a spiritual successor to the last time The Verge tried to perform a task for which an endless amount of documentation exists. This time however, instead of having an impressive amount of self-confidence while assembling a PC that looks like it was assembled by a sleepwalker, it’s someone blaming the manufacturer for their own incompetence and inability to follow an instruction manual filled with more detail than any of those cathedrals that inevitably burn down during renovations.


I mean really- the guy even says he somehow killed his wife’s phone once using a hair dryer. I don’t know how the hell you’d even do that (are the heat elements exposed? Does your wife use a heat gun to dry her hair, and the heat gun has exposed heat elements?) but if this guy can kill a phone with a hair dryer, then I really don’t want to imagine what would happen if I needed a handyman to do repairs on my house and he showed up...


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