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Major upgrade



I have been slowly upgrading my PC over the past few years, and this year, I landed a job that nearly tripled my income. As a result, I have a little more breathing room to get some higher end equipment. I know a fair bit about the hardware already, but I'd like to get into custom liquid cooling as well. Just trying to get recommendations and thoughts on what I have.

I've made some upgrades already, but here is what I plan to end up with

ASUS Crosshair VI Hero X370(already installed)

Ryzen 5 2600 (already installed)

Corsair 2400 MHz RAM (installed

RX Vega 64 (recently ordered due to massive discount, replacing current rx 580)

Then 4 SSDs that I've acquired as gifts over the years and 2 1TB HDDs. 


The liquid cooling I plan to get, and I already have this radiator

EK C6H Motherboard and CPU block {acetal}

EK FC Vega 64 nickel plated with acetal top

Soft tubing at 3/8" ID

These fittings as well as some Alphacool Quick connects that I'd like to have attached to my Pump/resevoir

And the Thermaltake CL-W078 res/pump combo

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