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Overclocking help


Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read and helping me out. I have been watching a lot of videos and reading up about overclocking and a few days ago I have I have had an attempt. I have a few questions and would love if someone could help me out. First let me explain the overclock:


I have the Gigabyte z170 Gaming K3 mobo on F23a bios, i7 6700k, Corsair Vengeance LPX 32gb 2133 CL13, Kraken X61 AIO.


I have attempted to overclock both my CPU and RAM slightly as I'm playing a CPU bound-game and I would like slightly better performance.


I have overclocked my CPU to 4500 at the voltage of 1.285v(bios) with LLC on High. During max load - few hours of stress testing with Aida64, Realbench, my voltage changes between v1.284 to v1.272, it never goes higher or lower. My max temp load temp is 65c, usually 60c at max, and on idle about 19-25c (it is pretty cold where I live).


I believe that my CPU overclock is stable, I have ran multiple stress tests for many hours, as well as tested playing on some badly optimised games such as PUBG, ARK, and all fine no crash.


My ram XMP settings were 2133 13-15-15-28-2t 274(trfc). I have left the XMP on, and just changed the ram speed to 2400 and voltage to v1.260. I've tried to boot, and while the voltage change did register, the speed did not. So I changed the timings slightly, 14-16-16-31-2t, and it booted with the speed 2400, however the trfc changed itself from the 274 which was the xmp's value, to 374. I have lowered that to 312, and managed to boot. I have ram memtest from usb stick, did 2 test passes, no error. Tried some games, seems okay.


Now I don't want to do a huge overclock, just a slight one for now, 4500 on cpu and 2400 on ram will be good enough for me for a while. For my questions:


1. Is it okay if my CPU has C-States disabled and always is at high performance on balance settings on windows? My idle temps are very low, but my voltage is always at v1.284 and speed always at 4500. Will this damage cpu for 24/7 usage? I would like my PC to last a few years.


2. I have not touched the "uncore" settings at all, they are left at default. I've tried to research about them but it is hard to find a definite answer. Should I leave them on auto or change them?


3. Would you recommend trying lower RAM timings? RAM overclocking seems way more complicated to me than CPU. I don't know how important some of the timings are. I just want a slightly better performance than I had on 2133 CL13. I see some overclockers change the CR timing to 1T, is that something I should try or is it risky? Should I try to lower the tRFC more? I noticed when I lowered it from 374 to 312, my Cinebench score went up quite a bit for example. Any of the other timings worth lowering other than CAS? I already know CAS 13 won't work for 2400 so has to be 14, but what about the other timings? 


4. Is there anything else you could recommend to me that I should do with my overclock, perhaps something important that I have missed?


5. My Cinebench CPU score is 972, is that not rather low for my CPU and RAM overclock or does that seem about right?


Thank you for your time.



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1. it will not damage the cpu but why should you do it?

2. never heared about that

3. sry never got into ram oc

4. i think your oc is good, you could try how low you can get with that voltage so you can get the temps even more down. You could also go a little higher with those temps aslong as your not hitting 80+°C while gaming you should be fine.

5. Your score seems fine

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The reason I keep my cpu at max performance and not downclock is because the game I play, ESO, is really badly optimized but it is CPU bound. The cpu usage is like 30-40%, and because of that, sometimes my game shutters and I see in cpuz during raids that cpu speed drops down from max, when it shouldnt, causin huge shuttering. That's one reason, another reason is simply I could not figure out how to make my overclocked cpu downclock voltage and speed when on idle. The LLC settings on my board are weird, 3 options, Auto, Standard, High. Auto and Standard do the same thing, they make the voltage drop, even on max load, REALLY low, the vdrop is insane, so I couldn't get a stable overclock even on v1.35. I put it on High, and it makes my overclock be stable at v1.285 as it doesnt go up, and very slightly down. I've tried to enable c-states, speedstep, speedshift, but it did nothing. My board does not have an "offset" value or "adaptive" clock, not that I could find. So I've decided to stay always on max peformance since in windows I've mostly used that anyway, just a bit worried about the safety of the cpu but as long as it's okay I'm happy to hear that.

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