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firefox crashing


Hi !


I had a 3 window firefox session, with many tabs each window. In an open, only 1 window opened. I lost other two. Disadvantage was that I close-open 3-4 times firefox in order all 3 windows come back. No. Unfortunately not. This, was the result in folder


C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\abcd1ef2gf.default\sessionstore-backups


the only session file that firefox saves for such cases, to be lost (overwritten).


I have no autosave session add-on.


My question is if you know any other folder, that I could find a session file to recover the lost session or any other solution out of session file.


I know that history would be a solution, but for me not. Because


a. all tabs in three windows were too many, in order to search one by one history, and bring them all back and

b. I want to have them back in same order (window and tab position).


Thank you!


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