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Computer reboot after turning on



My pc reboots after 2/3 secs after i turn on. But only if i disconnect from the plug. 

If i just reboot or power off and then power on won´t do that wierd reboot. 

I already check the ram and i did try only with one stick and switching between them.

And now i got a problem with my brand new RTX 2070 Msi Gaming Z so i had to send that on tho RMA so i did a clean windows 10 installation and im using onboard graphics and still the same....

I already update my Bios to v805 and i had try to enable/disable XMP profile


My Spec;

Gpu: Rtx 2070 Gaming Z (Currently on RMA) RTX OFF!!!!

Mobo: Asus prime z390-p

Cpu: I5 9600k (not overclock)

Cpu Cooler: NH-12US

Thermal: NT-H1

Fans: 4 X CoolerMaster Fan 120mm Blue led

Ram: 2 X Hyperx Fury 2133 mhz 14 CL 8Gb Ram 

SSD: Samsung EVO 860 500gb

PSU: Seasonic M12SII-620w Evo

Case: Nox Hummer


Thankx for the Help!


Asus Z390 Prime
i5 9600K
Noctua NH-12us
2x8Gb HyperX Fury 2133 Mhz
Rtx 2070 Msi Gaming Z 8G
Evo 860 500gb
Seasonic M12sII 620Watts Evo
Lg 24GM79G
Zowie EC2-B
HyperX Alloy Fps
HyperX Aplha HeadSet

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