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Deciding on a New USB Microphone

A Bunn

I am currently researching to the best of my ability to find the best USB microphone on the market for $130 dollars or less(USD). I am looking for a microphone that would be great for streaming on Twitch, with the best audio quality available at this price point. My friend purchased the Fifine k670 and it sounds pretty good, although I want the best audio quality possible. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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I would avoid USB microphones for the most part and try this instead.


$30 Behringer U-Phoria UM2. This is your audio interface, which connects to your computer via USB 



$40 Shure PGA48-XLR. This is a good dynamic mic which will pick up your voice well. Pretty good if your environment is occasionally noisy. This is the one I have and apparently my sound is favorable comparison to people who have expensive gaming headsets or other desk mics.



You can also get the better versions like this one for $60



Or this one for $110



There's plenty of good dynamic mics out there and you can do research and figure out if spending more will be better for you.


Then you will want a stand. I personally grabbed a cheap one for $12. This is pretty good because it puts the base of your mic hopefully away from you so it's not in the way and if you bump your desk or type the mic won't pick up the "thumps".



I think this is generally better than most direct USB options which tend to have weak analog to digital conversion.

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