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Startup/Shutdown Issues


For the last six months I have had an issue with my Shutdown/Startup. 

From a Shutdown when you go to startup the fans will spin + lights from everything that has led's will go on but no boot at all. The way I have been resolving this was to flip the power switch off until the MB lost power then it turns on like a charm. 
I actually cant pin-point a specific time tbh. I Haven't done any BIOS setting or App tweaks in years. During a switch to a new case I did mess with the front IO connectors and found that if I had the speaker plugged in it would boot fine (very random but it worked) until that stopped doing the trick. I have cycled through hardware (other then the MB which is an Asus Z270H Gaming). 
I have read a few different cases of similar issues and it seems like it could be a range of different things. PSU is brand new so rule that out. BIOS has been flashed. Everything has made a transfer to a new case. My guess is it is something with my MB. From what I had combed over it seems like this isn't that uncommon thought Asus MB's. 
I will add this as it may be linked. I have gone through 2 H100i v2's in the past year. What happens is the tubing that connects to the CPU block literally cracks from the inside and pops out. One with a BRAND new H100i v2. I have since went to an air cooler. 

Thanks for any help.

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