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Built my gaming rig 2 years ago and now I'm at an impass.  I very rarely even use my gaming rig nowadays since after completing it, friends and family have popped up out of nowhere needing a laptop/phone/console/network repairs or rebuilds.  All of this knowledge I've been gaining has me wanting to take steps towards starting a tech setup/repair/maintenance company in the future.  There are a few things I could use some of this knowledgeable forum's members help with.


1.  Where and how would be the best way to go about getting my A+ certifications?


2.  What PC/Network/Nas/Servers/Webserver  system builds should I start working towards building for starting the business from home? (with 10GbE connectivity in mind)


3.  I've compiled a fair amount of parts already, which devices do I have most of the required parts for and which should go where?



I listed almost all of the parts under my PC build, I also have a Netgear Nighthawk x8 and XR500. I plan on paying my ISP to lay the fiber line to my home from the node once I get everything set and start my LLC.


Thanks in advance and appreciate the help!



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