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Increase VCCIN for cold-boot problems?

So I think my 4790k needs more voltage to POST, I tried it in two boards and it's the same thing: randomly won't POST, but when it does everything is fine and rosy.

It reboots fine, and sometimes I can get it to cold boot by quickly flicking on\off a few times.. like it eventually "gets a spark".


I'm running on an Asus z97 Deluxe at the moment.


I saw that one of the Maximus boards has an "initial input voltage" where you can adjust the voltage for before\during the POST sequence. I also read that increasing VCCIN gives more voltage to the VRMs during POST so I was wondering if anyone can confirm this, or some other way to achieve the same goal.


Of course it could be a totally different problem.. but this is what it sounds like. Basically on the Deluxe I get a cpu light immediately when it fails, before any POST codes show up on the little screen at the bottom.

If I get any digits at all, except for 00, it'll boot perfectly. So it's like the cpu doesn't do anything at all, and the board never gets past the cpu check.





I'm running it on a "test bench" at the moment.. (running it from the psu of my main rig (fx8350, lol)) but I don't wan't to commit it to the case until I know it's someway stable.. otherwise there'll be water, tubes, pumps all over the place every day or two, and some component will inevitably be flung at the cat.

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