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XBOX 360 controller unresponsive at start


to start i will say:

- i got the xbox 360 controller with the xbox itself a long time ago.

- the controllers do work.

- i am using a chinese knock-off of the bluetooth receiver to PC with the driver "Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows Version: [8/13/2009] as i read somewhere it says it's the most stable one.


i used to have close to no problems with the controllers quite a while ago but there is a chance my windows updated and fucked something up...

now the problem:

when i power on the controller i can see it's connected. if i click the middle xbox button it shows the battery. if i check connected devices it shows up.

when i launch for example rocket league, the controller 95% of the time won't work ingame forcing me to try and power off/on again or switch controllers or even wait for a couple of minutes until it "gets detected" and works

now the battery container is a little broken so sometimes the batteries get loose and the controller turns off mid game. if i power it back it same thing happens... i need to lay it down and just wait 1-2 minutes until it works again... i literally do nothing but wait for the pc to "Detect" it again (i put the " " because the controller is detected... the PC just ignores the input)


I've tried uninstalling the drivers. reinstalling. installing different drivers. connecting a different controller. disabling a HID game controller in the device manager...


if anyone got a clue or an idea for a solution i will appreciate that


thanks in advance :)

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