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Will the Elgato HD60 PRO work with my system

Hey guys, not sure if i posted in the right section but i have a question.

The Elgato HD60 Pro's requirements says it needs an i5 4xxx quad core and a gtx 600 series card.

My system specs are a pentium g4560 and a gt 1030 so would the HD60 pro work fine?

The gt 1030 is better then a gtx 650 so i guess it passes that part but what about the i5 quad core?


Thank you in advance

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Looking at your CPU and 4th generation i5s, you might be able to use it as your Pentium's base is 3.5GHz, and i5-4xxx have base clock speeds around 3.5GHz. However, the G4560 has 2 cores.


As for your graphics card, You should be ok, as the 1030 runs on newer architecture, and in some places better than the 650.

So overall, I don't think your computer is compatible with the HD60 Pro, as your CPU runs on dual-core.


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