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Surveillance Server Help

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this.


I'm in need of surveillance server similar to what Linus uses but really can't pay as much money as he did.

If anyone can recommend something I would really appreciate it.


It needs to have about 30 cameras be able to save the recorded files for a month.


Thank you in advance

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umh, you can go with something that's doable on the budget.
A quadcore (high clock speed) cpu
atleast 16 gigs of ram - that's preferable
and a raid array perferably 4x 2tb drives (RAID5) (handled by the OS as a striped volume if you can't handle to buy a raid card)
Or a 2x2TB raid 1 array (can be done on most motherboards these days) 
and an OS that can take in the source of the cameras and handle the software that operates the cameras, if it's over ETH based.

The question right now is, that, is there somesort of a camera DVR that takes in the SDI connections from the cameras, or are the cameras ETH based, and what's the resolution for them, and what kind of bandwidth they need to provide the best FPS / RES for the whole operation.

If i'd had this situation and i knew i had ETH based cameras i'd get a dual 24 port switch on the cheap, keep the cameras behind a 1GBE connection, and have 1 end go to the server and manage it all over a software that's devved to work with the cameras, also set the recording archiving to the raid array.

There's a lot to take in to consideration when building these kind of things, the main part is what kind of software do you need it to run on, what kind of a connection the cameras have, what's the FPS and res you're willing to record, and also how much space one camera source generates over a 24h period to calculate your storage needs.

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