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So I am doing a major upgrade to my pc build this holiday season. My specs are

i3 2120 @3.3Ghz

Dell M5DCD Motherboard (No Usb 3.0 ports or headers)

AMD R4850 HD 512MB


600W brandless non modular PSU

I recently bought a corsair Spec 02 for space and upgradeablity.

I also know for a fact I will be getting a MSI R7 370 4GB graphics card and 2x4 GB of RAM clocked at 1333Mhz.

My question is what CPU and what Motherboard should I get? Some people have told me an i5 4460 and a compatable motherboard would be best for my mid teir setup, but I don't see that being realistic. See, my birthday is coming up sooner rather than later, and I could potentially ask for 200$ worth of stuff. The problem is an i5 4460 + a not ugly Motherboard with decent features is easily 300. I have looked at a FX-6300 and a MSI 970 GAMING ATX AM3+ Motherboard for an even 200. Is the better performance of the i5 worth trying to pitch the extra 100 in? Will the hexa core AMD out preform the i5 for HEAVYILY multitasking workloads? Thanks for any feedback and advice!

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Single core wise the i5 win but multitasking wise the performance should be about the same

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