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Problem terminating a process


Hello everybody, 


I have a problem terminating a process on windows 10.


The name of the process is Empire.exe with PID 3952 (it is the Empre:Total War game by Sega)


Everytime i try to end the task i get the message "The Operation could not be completed: Acces is Denied"


Before i go into detail with  how i tried to kill the process i want to mention that:


         -I am running a steam version of the game

         -I tried restarting steam

         -I tried restarting my computer, everytime steam starts the process starts too


So, what i tried to do so far:


         -End task using task manager

            -Changed user permissions and tried again

         -Kill process using Process Explorer, I got the error "Error Terminating process, Access denied"

            -Changed user permissions through Process Explorer and tried again

         -Use the taskkill command on Command prompt

            - I used Forced kill and child processes kill options and in both cases i got "The process could not be terminated. There is no running instance of the task

         -Download PSTolls and use PSKill command

             -pskill 3952 command resulted in the following error: Unable to kill process. Access is denied.



The issue with the process running all the time is that i cannot play the game since i get the error "App is already running" on steam. Also it takes up ~500mb/s of system memory


If you have any other ideas on how to terminate the process please repply,


Thank you in advance


-Asus z170-k motherboard

-Intel i5 6600k processor

-8gb of DD4 Corsair vengence RAM

-AMD Radeon R9 390 graphicscard

-Seasonic 750w s12G power supply




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