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Upgrading from RX 470



So my setup currently have a i7-11700K and a RX 470.


I had ran Crossfire, but the game support is fairly limited. Mostly for the funs.


I want somthing with a bit more performance. Don't need to be too crazy. Something in the +50% range.


I obviously don't need low profile, but it would be a nice bonus should I decide my case is too giant for my purposes (somewhat unlikely)

and I'm not going Nvidia. It sound kind of hilarious, the 4060 low profile is such a juicy card and literally tick all the checkboxes.


The Arc A380 and the RX6400 are basically the choices left, and any of them are hardly upgrades. I do get Displayport, which is nice.

My uh $35 RX 470 is not a mining card (but doesnt stop people from mining on it I guess). Low cost version so it only have DVI.


I got a Sapphire 5700XT thumb drive for the 50th anniversary thing, and having a Sapphire 5700XT blower card to match would be pretty cool. But those are like, basically nonexistent.


What's like AMD's modern low-mid-ish range. 6500?


That's uh .. $150 ish. Ok. How much are those used ...

Wait no way. Dell make a low-profile 6500? Madness

about same price as used 5700. Oooh I can get a 50th anniversary 5700 for $150. From Dell, apparently. Hm.


Or I can get a Intel Arc 750 limited edition. That's around a $230, which is expensive, but it's .. limited edition, so ...?


I can justify maybe $200 on (the card). 750 is pushing it, but it's limited edition, and I think it's quite tasteful.


And for low profile, we can just live with a 10th gen embedded equivalent of a R5 430 that I got for free. Or splurge and get a 640 or a 550.

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Oh right. I do want to ask.


My laptop can do the uh "wireless display". what you would call ... Mirecast.


And this desktop, which is using the same wifi card (Killer 1535), is apparently not supporting Wireless Display, which confuses me.


My ancient Thinkpad X230T, with a i5-3320 (i think) and Intel HD 4000, support Mirecast.


I even tried onboard (Intel UHD 730). Doesn't seem to work. I don't know what is going on. But if I can get a GPU with these features it will be very nice.


I also run VMs, but it's only for like occasional old storage compatibility reasons and really old game purposes. I don't think I need a VM-capable GPU, not a GRID or whatever. Way overkill, and frankly I use the freakin thing, so they wont cut it.

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150$ gets you a used 5700xt or a 6600xt (both perform the same)


~200$ might be able to get you a 6700xt assuming you find a good deal on one and haggle it down

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