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Graphic Card Issue

I recently changed the thermal paste of my Dell Inspiron 7510 (RTX3050) laptop 

My GPU is stuck at 0% utilization and 6/0 watts of power unless I reinstall gpu from the device manager

Restarting laptop inconsistently fixes the issue but after sometime of working on laptop with gpu on idle power(6 watts and 0% utilization) makes it stuck at that or when laptop is sleeping makes it stuck at 0 watts


all dell advanced tests are fine

did reinstall drivers and window updates

changed fast boot to thorough boot(recommended by linus's site forum)

Observations:it randomly gets stuck at some power and utilisation % values

Sleep gurantees my gpu getting stuck at 0% utilization

Driver reinstall fixes the issue until it sleeps or it gets stuck idle(6watts) power after sometime

So what could be the problem and solution? cuz i only cleanedand removed fans and the heat sink while changing the paste


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