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Enable 3D from graphics card drivers

da na

I have been enjoying 3D movies on my Optoma EH-501 DLP projector, but the process of converting video files from 2D to 3D is slow.

Since all this process entails is halving the framerate and placing two images beside one another, it seems like something a modern graphics card would be more than capable of doing on-the-fly, in realtime. But how do I actually go about setting this up?
In the Nvidia Control Panel, I've tried setting Stereo to DLP-Link mode (and of course turning it on) but that does not convert the output image to side-by-side, and it doesn't seem to be doing frame sequential 3D either because I can't see any 3D effect. I am using DVI dual link to connect to the projector on my Quadro FX4800, should I swap to DisplayPort or a newer card with HDMI? Or is there a very obvious setting that I'm missing, or perhaps these graphics drivers can't do what I want and I need third-party software, a Windows setting, or god forbid an AMD card? Or, does any 3D on an Nvidia card rely on the Stereo connector on the back of the card?

Any advice would be appreciated, I'm a little lost. 


Optoma EH501 DLP projector

Quadro FX 4800 (DVI/DP)

Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Quadro driver version 340

I also have a Radeon Pro Duo and GTX 950 if that would change the outcome.

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