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Why is it so goddamn hot?


Despite having a couple of fans in my pc it still seems to run very hot. This is what Corsair "ICUE" said my temps were after 10 min. of Minecraft with shaders. I have included a picture of how my fans are blowing. 




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I assume temp 2 is the hotspot of the GPU, which is good til 110c or so.  The 83c for a 2060 struggling to handle MC unoptimized shaders from a unpaid mod... in line.


CPU is decently cool.  


Very normal.

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3 minutes ago, Somewhere_equivalent said:

Minecraft with shaders

minecraft with shaders is quite GPU intensive. This is normal


4 minutes ago, Somewhere_equivalent said:




this isn't that hot, temp 2 is probs the hotspot which will always be at least 10 degrees more than the average. You can try undervolting the GPU with the guide in this vid from 13:50 on how to undervolt it 

Message me on discord (bread8669) for more help 


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Damn this space can fit a 4090 (just kidding)

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