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Xbox controller not working on Android 14


I used to play Steam Link with my 3rd party wired Xbox One controller with the usba to usbc adapter I got with my Pixel 6a. After I updated to android 14 I havent been able to use the controller. Apps recognize the controller, but nothing happens when I push a button or use a joystick. In USB devices settings it just shows up as a USB device being charged. I tried updating the controller on my PC with the Xbox Accessories app but it would just hang at the start of the controller's firmware update and throw an error, but I assume it's because it shows up as a genuine Xbox wireless controller even though its wired. The controller still works perfectly fine on my PC and my friend's Xbox One S (though it does throw an "unauthorized controller" warning). Do I need to install some type of driver on my phone or something or do I already need a new controller?


Xbox One controller model: HS-XO304

I probably forgot about this comment so quote me if you need a response.

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