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CSM - VGA Error boot

Hello ' 

I'm sorry if this is allready on the forum, but I did not find any help at this moment. 

Computer working fine! next day no image (motherboard VGA error and Boot error LED)  Asus 360 F ROG, Intel. 
Fast conclution - Only boot / post image on a NON CSM Graphics Card.  
(The Compatibility Support Module) in BIOS. 

PC - did run ok with a old GTX1070.  But then I got this error. 
Things I did try. 
- Replace the GTX1070 with a other 1070 card. Still VGA error and no boot. 
- I removed the card and run onboard Graphics.  Still VGA error and no boot. 
- I tryd a GTX660 - PC show image and auto turn on CSM mode. Win boot and all is ok. 

I also did try new PSU 750 and 850watt. 

I cant manage to get picture on the screen with any ''new'' Graphics card or with the onboard Graphics.   So The UEFI Bios . dont get picture and give VGA error LED. 
If I try a GTX660, bios auto turn on CSM and PC works fine. 

Did Clear CMOS, and I did flash the bios and update it. Still no help. 

Is the motherboard UEFI broken? 

Thanks !  


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