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Phantom App stops pc from shutdown

Half the time when I try to shutdown/restart my pc running windows 11 I get a "This app is preventing shutdown" message. The app it shows that is preventing shutdown has no name, only an icon, that I can't identify.
It doesn't always appear, and I can force shutdown, but it's rather annoying and suspicious since I can't identify it.
I can't screen capture on the shutdown screen, so I remade the Icon in ms paint. Hopefully someone can help me find out what and why I get that app.
Note that it doesn't appear in the manager.

PhantomApp 1.png

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- Antivirus Scan: Run a full system scan for malware or unwanted software.
- Check Task Manager: Look for unusual processes or applications and end them.
- Close Unnecessary Background Apps: Manually Close all running 3rd party applications before shutdown.
- Review Startup Programs: Disable unnecessary or suspicious startup programs. This can be done using task manager, startup apps
- Clean Boot: Perform a clean boot to identify third-party app interference. This can be done using the msconfig command but I recommend saving this until last and researching instructions on how to do it first. If you've got a PIN number for example it's best to remove it before going this route since it can cause issues with clean boots. 
- Event Viewer: Review logs for errors or warnings related to the issue. Look in the application log for application errors that occur around the time that you restarted. Applications Errors usually have ids in the 1000 range. 

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