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Camera Problems

Hello wise members of the LTT Forums,

I recently got the S23 ultra (I'm in Australia and on thr most recent update as of the 2nd of December) and I've been having problems with thr camera. When I go into video mode, the OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) vibrates and makes a funny sound. When reviewing the video, I hear a distinct buzzing noise and the camera shakes so much that everything appears blurry. 
Here is a link to the video of what is happening:
The funny thing about it is that it is only the diagonals and not the horizontal or the vertical. I'm wondering if this is a hardware or software issue as I just got the phone and immediately updated to the newest software so it could be a bug. I think it's a software issue because this problem doesn't happen when I'm in photo mode and wave it around like i did. 
If anyone has any suggestions for how to fix this, or of they have encountered the same problem, just reply. 
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