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TPM Paranioa

I need a little help with a hardware upgrade and it involves a TPM module version 1.2.

I understand there is some data safety factors that go in place before you clear TPMs. Most of the info online is about clearing TPM for new install of OS however in my case I am continuing the use of my OS and just replacing the hardware and in this case it is the TPM1.2 to TPM2.0 . I have went as far as turning off all bit-lockers and windows hello sign in. So my biggest question to all of you experts out there.... What are the true steps to be taken to insure the safety of my data when I switch from a old TPM chip to a new one on the same OS ? I was lead to believe there is no way a new chip will work due to driver firmware auth. stored on the TPM so you are forced to reinstall your complete OS from scratch with new TPM 2.0. IS THIS TRUE!! Please tell me there is a work around! Thanks.

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