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Video editing pc for making youtube videos


Budget (including currency): ~2000-2400€

Country: Finland

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Davinci Resolve, Minecraft, Photoshop, OBS. 

Other details: I want the pc to have 64gb RAM, at least 2TB SSD with good enough endurance rating for decent amount of video editing, wireless network adapter and need a monitor suitable for making "4K" UHD youtube videos 27inch tho I am not sure if there is smaller screens I kinda wanted bit smaller one . I was wondering what kind of drive configuration should I use should I go for 2 SSDs one for OS/Softwares and second for project files/source footage + HDD for storage or is dual using 2 SSDs over kill?

Since Pcpartpicker only lists only 2 merchants I was wondering if buying some parts outside Finland would be good idea if yes then feel free to make edit the lists below / make new list out of the wider merchant selections. Tho not sure but I think packages sent to Finland from outside EU will have 24% VAT and 12% customs fee if over 150€.


I currently have these listshttps://fi.pcpartpicker.com/user/toothly/saved/RLwRVn tho I want it to have 64gb of RAM and some parts weren't on available when Finland was selected on Pcpartpicker should I opt for merchants like amazon.de or other Finnish merchants. 
This is the another list: https://fi.pcpartpicker.com/user/toothly/saved/YCDGJx I want to know if this is okay the person went with DDR4. The person who made this list didn't add other storages so do I just buy any hard drive and put in to the pc?



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