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Podcast Setup Troubleshooting

Hello All,

Not sure if this is the right thread but I can't find anywhere else to post that has people knowledgeable on troubleshooting for podcasts regarding hardware linking to software.

I recently purchased 5 mics (AT2020's) so I will have 6 XLR mics total (mine is an AT4040). I am intending on purchasing the Focusrite 18i20 interface which is rated to handle up to 8 individual channels. We only anticipate 6 mics being going at once; very rarely will we have 8 guests...that'd be a lot. It is well rated and I have had good experiences with their products in the past with my first two interfaces.


My questions are:

1. What audio software would be best to record all mics on their own individual channels? Not streaming, just recording. I saw that OBS can handle up to 6 mics but the wording online is confusing. Does this mean I can assign each mic their own channel to be controlled pre/post-production and be able to edit them individually? If yes, does anybody know the quality of audio that is recorded via OBS. I am unfamiliar with this stuff, the last program I used was FL Studio which was notorious to crash and failing mid-recording. Would Adobe Audition be a good/better second option?

2. How do I incorporate a stream deck into the podcast so everyone can hear the audio being played when I select an audio clip to play? Is this easily done with OBS. If OBS is not an option, are there any programs that would work with both smoothly? I want to pretty much recreate the style that WAN show produces but instead of live streaming, it's pre-recorded. Similar to their bleep button for swearing on WAN, I want to be able to click a button for applause or to introduce our audio intro track and everyone on headphones be able to hear it. Does Adobe Audution allow the same features for a stream deck to be used like OBS does?


Thank you all for your time and help and I look forward to hearing what you have to say about our initiative to begin our own casual-style podcast.

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