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AMD PBO & CPU Voltage

Since changing from an MSI MAG B550 Motar Wifi to an Asus ROG Strix B550-F Wifi II I have been unable to get the idle voltage on my PBO overclock down.


At idle it sits as high as 1.45v but under load drops to 1.23 to 1.28v as I have set in the UEFI. My MSI mobo had an "AMD Overclocking" voltage option that allowed me to set an offset to the idle voltage.


The Asus does not seem to have this option. If I set the CPU voltage manually then PBO disables and I am stuck at 3.3Ghz


Is there a setting I am missing or something I have done wrong?


Id like to get the idle voltage down if I can. My 5800X Sits at 45c idle.


I can set a manual OC of 4.5Ghz all core at 1.28v and have idle temps in the low 30's but with PBO set the way I have it I can get a 4.5Ghz all core with up to 5.1Ghz single core so Id like to keep PBO enabled.

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