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PC Doesn't Boot up


Ok, so I recently upgraded my pc and got a new case, a new cpu and an aio. I build everything in and plugged it in. But my pc doesn’t start now it’s always just preparing the auto repair but it doesn’t work. So I watched a few videos and there was said that I have to press F11 for the troubleshooting and if that doesn’t work I just simply have to restart the pc a few times and then it will pop up itself but both ways didn’t work for me. Then I found out about 2 other ways that I didn’t try yet cause I first want to know what is the right one. So the first one is that I have to plug in a USB stick with windows installed on it and set it as priority in the BIOS. The second one is that I have to update the BIOS because of my new CPU hopefully someone can tell me if I need to update my BIOS with a gigabyte B550 gaming x v2 and I upgraded the cpu from a ryzen 5 3600 to an ryzen 5 5600X. If I do need to update my BIOS please tell me how to do so. In the BIOS it also says that my CPU runs on 0mHz, is that a problem? Does that mean that the CPU doesn’t work or is it normal? I would be very thankful if someone knows an answer to my problem either one of the above or another one that I don’t know yet.

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