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BIOS control without USB?

So, I work for a security company doing camera and access control installations. Our home camera servers always come from busted up old servers that were broken or outdated. My camera server is windows 10, I5….not great, but better than most servers we replace. Anyways, customer somehow smashed the front usb and all the pins got smashed together and it fried the usb lanes. That’s why I have it, we only get broken stuff, anyways, here’s my problem. 

I have a pcie usb card installed, the servers been running this way for quite some time. The CMOS battery died (I guess) and now the server boots into “bios has been reset - please decide how to continue” but the pcie usb card doesn’t work before boot up, so I have no way to select and option to get it to boot. Am I completely screwed? Or is there some other way to get this thing going. The mobo has a ps/2 spot, is that completely separate from usb? I don’t have a mouse for it, but I’d get one if it could help me, otherwise I’m out of ideas.

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I got it to work. In the dumbest way. There was a usb header with nothing on it, and I used the front usb from another computer on that empty header and it still worked. 😂


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