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Dead board need a replacement.

PC worked one day and then a week later wouldn't turn on. A shop I took it too says the board is dead but everything else is fine. They're not sure how or why it died. The board had an i5-7500 in it and has a 1060. He says that I'll struggle to find a board that has a socket that will support that CPU and he personally wouldn't trust a second hand one as people are selling the boards at rip off prices. He quoted me a price for a new board and CPU, he's said I'll need both whether I buy it from him or I buy them elsewhere and do it myself. In either case I'm still paying them to diagnose the issues, so I don't think and he didn't sound like I cared whether I took them up on the offer to replace the parts. What do you lot think? I've been looking into the i3-12100F, but not sure if it'll be any good for "newer" games plus education (uni) work.

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Yea just swap the board and cpu to a 12100(f) and a decent b660/h670 which will def be an upgrade over that old i5, ram doesnt need an upgrade as most ics are capable of atleast 3000/3200 c16


Those 1151 boards are sold off at ripoff prices so i dont suggest buying em

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