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Windows Backup

Backstory: Computer crashed during Windows Backup of massive folder. Restarted the backup and it duplicated the files in that folder. Removed that folder then re-added it and files backed up correctly. 

However, now it shows the wrong backup size (1.15TB and the folder is only 500GB), and says data is not backed up (but the File History folder on the drive is full). 

I assume something is corrupted? It still seems to be working, new files get backed up, but I'd rather not use it with a damaged config file. Anything I can do?

I'm not a professional, just an enthusiast. I don't know everything.

HGST Ultrastar: The last HDD you'll ever need to buy (and the one I always recommend).

Schrödinger's CPU: The Q9650. Is it irrelevant? Is it not? 

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