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Hello, so iv upgraded from my MSI 2070 super gaming x trio to a Aorus 3070 Master couple days ago and since day 1 of the upgrade iv overclocked the gpu as I like doing it and since day 1 iv had weirdness, so basically I would be playing then the game would freeze then both of my monitors would go black and the sound in the background would like glitch out, then a couple seconds later the monitors come back and the game has crashed, very odd, in event viewer I get an nvlddmkm error, Ill put a screenshot of it below, I have the card on the OC bios and I have it overclocked 75 on cc and 700 on mc, most of the time I can re-create the problem if I put my core clock to 90 and then it happens pretty fast, I'm not sure if the card is just unstable with that kind of overclock or if its a different issue because sometimes it runs heaven benchmark fine with 90 cc and 900 mc for minuets but then sometimes it doesn't and I even had it happen once with 75cc overclock. Just very confusing as I ran a 105cc and 1000mc run on 3DMark and it passed and then before that it didn't want to do 90cc and now it doesn't like it either so maybe it isnt the overclocking.


Rest of the PC:

Mobo: Asus X570 Gaming-F latest bios

Gpu: Aorus 3070 Master

CPU: 5800x

RAM: Trident Z RGB 3600 cl 16

PSU: Corsair RM750x


What iv tried:

DDU'd the drivers and reinstalled it.

Put PCIE mode from auto to gen 4.

I had 1 pcie cable with daisy chain so I added the extra cable so its running 2x pcie seperate.


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