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Bluetooth A/V Sync not activating itself?


Hey guys,


I've long since gotten used to the lag inherent to bluetooth. It's a bummer but whatever. You may not be able to game with a bluetooth audio device but you can still listen to music and watch videos, thanks to automated A/V Sync.


Lately though, automated A/V Sync is gone and I have to manually delay the audio by around -250 ms on VLC. On youtube, well, I'm fucked and I either have to live with it or download the vid from a converter.


Nothing changed except upgrading my PC to W11, but A/V sync is also gone from my W10 laptop. Now I'm actually questioning whether it was ever there in the first place, but I seem to remember not having to delay the audio manually.


Is there any way I can activate A/V Sync so I don't have to manually delay the audio myself?



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