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RAM compatibility issues (laptop)

Hi All,

  i need to get a beefier rig for my work but cant afford it yet and more ram will make life a bit easier until i can..

so I bought some RAM for my laptop after I checking for compatibility and after installing it, i get a blink code that tells me there was a problem with the ram.  So I'm trying to figure out if i bought the wrong ram somehow or if by some rare event i actually have two bad ram sticks which im highly skeptical of.  In short i'm at a loss.  I think i've overlooked something simple and hopefully someone can point it out.


my system:

hp omen 17-w033dx

Processor    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2592 Mhz 

current memory is 1x8 gb, 1x4gb DDR4-2133  sodimm.  


the CPU supports up to 64, but I think the motherboard only supports 16gb because the manual for the laptop states its max is 16.


the ram i bought: 2x 8gb DDR4 2400 1.2v sodimm

(pny part# M4S08S681JGGG39-12 if needed)


Now i bought the 2400 ram instead of 2133 because i got confused on the manual (confused my i7 processor to imply 7th gen when its actually 6th gen), but from what I've read, the ram being 2400 should not cause the boot to fail, it should just be limited to running at 2133.


Can anyone weigh in on my situation?  am i incorrect and its failing to boot because my ram is 2400?  If i need to provide more info please let me know


For the record I've tried both sticks solo or together and it fails to boot.  I think they are seated perfectly because when i put the old sticks in i'm seating it fine, and it seems kinda hard to mess up in the laptop format.


and one thing i wanted to mention that might or might not be related, where it describes the memory in the manual it says "Two sodimm slots, not consumer accessible or upgradeable"  I'm actually confused by this because they are definitely accessible, all i have to do is unscrew the back panel of the laptop. i'm assuming this comment is trying to indicate that there's not a handy one screw quick access panel for the memory slot, but could there be some proprietary shenanigans that actually prevent you from upgrading the memory???


if anyone can point me in the right direction you'll be helping me a lot, i'm at a loss.









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Well buying 2400mhz ram should not be of any issue tbh, as it would work on a lower frequency regardles, as motherboard sets it to run at.

Do you plan on removing 8+4 you have now and putting 8+8 you purchased in?



HP is known to be iffy with memory, idk why, but had issues with certain modules not working , altough rare on DDR4.


It should be easy as poping old ones out, new ones in, and power it up.



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Ok, at least im not far off on the 2400 ram not being an issue


but yes, I have 8+4 in as came from the factory and I have tried putting in 8+8. 


When it didnt boot i used each new 8 as a single to see if maybe one was somehow bad and it didn't boot with either of the new 8gb used as singles



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