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Home Audio Upgrade

My current setup is 


  • 2x Pioneer SP-FS52 Home Audio Andrew Jones Designed Floor Standing Loudspeaker
  • 1x Pioneer Sp-c22 Andrew Jones Designed Center Channel Speaker
  • 1x Klipsch - R-80SWi Wireless Pre-paired Subwoofer
  • Onkyo - TX 5.2-Ch. with Dolby Atmos 4K Ultra HD HDR (Model:TX-SR393

Just wondering what a next upgrade should be.  (I can't really go with Atmos upwards firing speakers due to my ceilings).

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So I see a few different choices:

1. Better subwoofer (matters for games + movies, not so much music)
2. Better L+R (you might be able to move the towers to the side)
3. Height speakers (or surround)

4. Room treatment

As an FYI, unless you have a huge room (bigger speakers usually play louder at the same power draw/distortion levels) or are trying to avoid buying a subwoofer, bookshelf speakers > tower speakers at the same price point in terms of sound quality - more of the budget is spent on things other than the enclosure and they usually have better directivity (woofers aren't as far from the tweeter).

My usual suggestion for subs is to check out craigslist or FB market and to see if you can get something from SVS, Hsu Research, Rel, etc. These can usually play down to around 20Hz or so (the Klipsch you have drops off at around 38Hz)

(partial) Model list: SVS PB1000, SVS SB1000, SVS PB12, etc.


Better L+R not sure what your budget it but: Emotiva B1+, Polk ES15, ELAC Debut 2.0 5.25"(sonically similar to the FS52 and designed by the same guy)
(heard that the 5.25" version is slightly "cleaner" but doesn't go as low on bass)

Height speakers - hypothetically you could get "elevation speakers" or satelite speakers and amount. You'd just put these high up on the wall above your main speakers. Ideally so that they're "reasonably close" to a 45 degree angle to the listener and set as front ceiling OR 25-30 degrees and set as front heights.

ELAC debut 2.0 a4.2, Emotiva Airmotiv A1, etc.

3900x | 32GB RAM | RTX 2080

1.5TB Optane P4800X | 2TB Micron 1100 SSD | 16TB NAS w/ 10Gbe
QN90A | Polk R200, ELAC OW4.2, PB12-NSD, SB1000, HD800

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