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Prevent Linux from spinning up sleeping hard drives on shutdown?

Problem: if I have 6 hard drives spun down via `hdparm -y /dev/sd*`, whenever I shut down my Linux computer there's a period of about 12 seconds where each drive that was spun down is spun up again.  Since I'm shutting DOWN the system (as in power-off), those drives are spun up for a total of about 5 seconds before being spun down again.  At this point, I feel like it's better if I just flip the power switch instead of the proper shut-down because at least that way I'm not spinning up the drives needlessly (and I'm in a live CD environment so I can't damage my filesystem). 


Question: is there a way to prevent Linux from spinning up hard drives that have been spun down to avoid unnecessary wear when I'm shutting down the system?


edit: I believe this is because of a "synchronize cache" call on shutdown, but I have yet to find a way to skip that.

If I have to explain every detail, I won't talk to you.  If you answer a question with what can be found through 10 seconds of googling, you've contributed nothing, as I assure you I've already considered it.


What a world we would be living in if I had to post several paragraphs every time I ask a question.

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