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XMP not working

I recently bought a second hand pc with Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 RAM, which is supported by my motherboard - a ASUS H170-PRO - but whenever I try to use XMP, the pc stays on but does not display any video output at all. I updated the BIOS to the latest version but XMP still doesn't work even though the auto timings are all correct. I tried it at slower speeds like 2933 and 2666mhz but it still does not work and just stays on forever (at 1 hour I manually turned it off) and I have to force it to shutdown, when it displays that the overclock failed due to 'system instability' or due to a force shutdown.

FYI, my CPU is an i7-6700k not oc

Please give me any ideas as to how to fix the issue and I have attached a CPU-Z report of my pc


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The xmp profiles on LPX vengeance is hit or miss. Some modules it works perfectly, most it doesn't work at all. Corsair also was a little optimistic with that generation of RAM in terms of speed and timings.

16-18-18-36 @1.37v 2866 will get you stable settings.

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