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Hey guys,



So I saw some videos (linus, gameER, gamernexus) awhile ago featuring a kit with from aliexpres, yes I already know what your thinking 😉 but hear me out:  


I`ve bought a kit from aliexpres: e5-2689 @2,6ghz - 4*4GB ram - x79 motherboard  just to try it out because it was about $100 and thought if this system would run this would be an huge upgrade from my old pc.

Also bought a new Coolermaster Q300L and a Cooler Master MWE 650 White - V2 PSU to my setup and added my old HD7850 2GB sapphire gpu.


When rendering this system performs perfect and has the same score as an orignal e5-2689 given by cpuboss However while gaming my system shuts down after about a hour: I`ve installed two other GPUs (hd6750,gtx650) to see if my 7850 was failing, no luck the pc shuts down again and again. Did some test with Memtest86 but it all passed. My cpu is stable at about 50-60degreescelcuis (122-140F). Thought of my psu where the issue, but 650watt isn`t that absolute overkill for my setup?


So my question is does anyone know if my PSU can handle this setup?

Hope you guys could help me out here!


Greetings, Bob



Excuse me for my bad grammar!




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I've seen both bad CPUs and bad motherboards cause this type of issue. A new CPU for this socket can be had for about $10 US, so it might not be the worst idea to just buy one to test. Also, check the socket to see if there are any bent or missing pins, as that could also cause this type of instability. 


As for whether the PSU is powerful enough to handle this system, it should be, and while you could theoretically be a bad PSU, it doesn't sound like it is. 

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that gtx 650 is a 65W part in reference trim.  I doubt it would be a PSU safety trip if it's happening with that card too

 With all the Trolls, Try Hards, Noobs and Weirdos around here you'd think i'd find SOMEWHERE to fit in!

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Hey RONATHAN## and YouSirAreADudeSir,

Thank you both for the feedback, I will buy a new cpu to test if it has anything to do with my crashes. Thinking of either buying a e5-2689 again or the 2690. Indeed I also doubt my psu has anything to do with this issue, it`s not even a month old...


I will let you guys know if it has worked otherwise i`m afraid the mbo is the issue.


Best regards,


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