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Yeah spanish but you understand the tech behind it, so, im going through my mandatory internship to get my degree in sound engineering, and covid has forced me to save up some money, now i'm going to treat myself, but also at a crossroads, you can imagine it.

So, the deal is, TUF has a webcam and numpad (im fond of numpads) but Strix has a better cpu also prettier, BUT THE PRICES CHEESUS, 1671 USD (1299990 CLP) for the TUF and 2057 USD (1599990 CLP) for the strix.

Question is, the 400 usd difference is it worth? is any tech issues with this models that should make me worry? would like some feedback, also, im going on a credit to buy this, so take the "im still a student wallet" factor into your opinions. 


Also here we don't get that many 8 core 3060 laptops worth the money, so asus is the way to go, and desktop 3070 are priced similarly, the cheapest one is exactly the same as the TUF laptop. 


Edit: Forgot to mention I have a 1700x 1060(gb) 16gb3200 desktop that I use for school/work/gaming, mostly for ProTools, Premiere, Reaper and Rainbow six siege. Also I run a 144hz freesync monitor that i cant live without.

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1. What is your use case for the laptop?

2. Budget?

3. Does the pricing include VAT?

4. Any further requirements ie. webcam, high refresh rate, battery life, portability, looks?

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