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Hello, I am having a lot of issues with my gpu lately, I have had this pc for over 3 years, I have had some problems in the past which has been resolved and 1 that’s has never been resolved and I have had it after a year , no one could have fixed it, not even a technician, So the first problem is, is my gpu doing random flashing Colors on games, then the games crashes, it happened on almost every game I play, this one is really recent, as of now, it’s only happening for the past 3 days. And my other problem that has never been resolved, is, when I play a game or I’m just idle on my windows screen, or Watching a movie, my screen goes black and my gpu starts to go at full power, and it does  a lot of noise and I have to manually shut it down, sometimes when I open it, it doesn’t want to connect to my monitor, and I have to shut it down 3-5 times before it wants to connect, what might be the issue? And how can I resolve it? My components are 


Msi-Gtx 1070


1-ssd nvme

1- hard drive 2tb

i don’t know the name of the rest since it was a prebuilt (msi)


i contacted msi and they weren’t the best… they said update your drivers, that’s the only thing they said, and so I did but nothing changed. Thanks I will put the video of me crashing with random Colors :) I don’t know how I could capture it,  but I did 

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