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Hi there,


I currently have a gaming PC with the following:

i7-6700k GTX 1080 Ti


I don’t fully know when production of newer technologies or when 3000 series cards and other bits and bobs will become readily available so I’m a bit stuck on weather it is sensible to spend my money on current technology or keep waiting. My original plan was to build a high end gaming PC this year for PCIe 4.0 when the 3000 series became easily available and was hoping as per previous generations a 3080 Ti variant would be released that would last years.


That said we are where we are, I’ve looked online and watched tons of videos on if a 10900K, 11900K or 5950X is the better option. I think I’ve settled on a 5950X with an ASUS Dark Hero to accompany. Some of you might laugh at this next part, but I was maybe going to leave my 1080 Ti in for the time being to see if I can squeeze a few extra frames into Warzone, or get a used 2000 series to tie me over.


The Dark Hero and 5950X are an expensive investment, so I wanted your opinion on weather it’s a sensible purchase and if there is anything I should know about that why it might be a bad idea or if it’s a good idea.


Thank you in advance.


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