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Hey, I am finally about to retite my i5-6500. I will be mostly gaming on it, games like CoD Warzone, CS go, valorant, league of legends, rocket league and some AAA games like witcher 3 or newer ones. I might be ocasionally streaming. Playing at 1080p with 144hz monitor. Planning to buy GPU also, probably 3070. As for CPU, I was thinking of i7-10700k, i9-10900f or i5-11600k or something in that price pool, I would appreciate any suggestions which cpu will be good for my gaming style. Thanks 🙂

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If you're gaming and streaming, you may want to consider a 3700X or 3800X and a B550 motherboard. Better value, because you can get a b550 motherboard for cheaper and fully run XMP on whichever RAM kit you decide to get.


However, if you're fully set on intel, the i7-10700K. You get better performance for doing both gaming and streaming, and it should work with the 3070 really well. Just know that newer intel motherboards (like Z490 & Z590) are expensive compared to AMD B550 options. You can put some of the money you'll be saving, by going with AMD, towards other components like ram, storage, and psu.

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